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The Fringe Podcast Summer Rewatch Episode 17

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In this final episode of The Fringe Podcast summer rewatch series we discuss the Fringe season 4 episodes, “Everything In Its Right Place,” “The Consultant,” “Letters of Transit,” “Worlds Apart,” “Brave New World Part 1,” and “Brave New World Part 2.” We discuss several of the story lines and details that we enjoyed about these episodes and we also give out several ideas on what we hope to see in in the final season of Fringe. We discuss William Bell, the death of David Robert Jones, Olivia’s cortexiphan abilities, and Astrid’s FBI agent skills. We also talk about the observer invasion, Etta’s skills, the role of other cortexiphan kids in the future and Bonita throws out a new theory on the whereabouts of Oliva.

We had a lot of great discussion in this episode and we’re very grateful for Heather and Bonita for their participation. Send in your feedback and theories to 304-837-2278 or

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