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Fringe Interview: John Noble on The Morning After

      Email Post       9/18/2012 02:36:00 PM      

The Hulu talk show "The Morning After" interviews John Noble about Fringe season 5, and for some reason quizzes him on pop culture.


Zepp said...

Great! Actor John Noble always demonstrating to be a charismatic person, very kind and high communicability, no doubt. His performances as Walter and Walternate, I consider as one of the high points in interpretation in TV shows nowadays, really. The work John Noble, each of which is also Fringe placed at a higher level with respect to the artistic quality of the show.

SissySiri said...


I really admire that man, he is awesome. I was not too crazy about that quiz, but oh well, John did well. I hope we see lots of him in TV or film after Fringe ends.

Anonymous said...

I just love him so much.

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