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Fringe Boss Teases Three-Part Series Finale

      Email Post       9/11/2012 03:30:00 PM      

Matt Mittovitch over at TVLine has posted a report noting how involved Joel Wyman is with the upcoming final season of Fringe.

The airing schedule of Season 5 still seems to be in flux. According to the report an uninterrupted run is not in the cards:

The fifth and final season, premiering Sept. 28, will have “two little breaks,” Wyman suggested to TVLine during our fall preview interview.
 Even the previously reported Feb 1 Finale date seems up in the air.
“Four [episodes], and then two… and the rest is a[n uninterrupted] run-on” — landing the finale in mid-January, at least
Read the full article here - Fringe Boss Teases Three-Part Series Finale — But When Will It Air?


Zepp said...

This great and relevant interview, provided by TVLine with Wyman, let me very excited about this final season of Fringe. It seemed to me, Wyman said that Fringe will have a completion in 13 episodes hour, and that would, I assume, as a great film in three parts, or something. I, now, on reflection, to have a proper ending of Fringe stories, 13 episodes properly designed, produced and performed, are more than enough for us to have our questions of the arc of the story, answered and explained, as also finalized I think. I can not wait to watch the first episode of this, as I might call, closing of the wonderful saga of Fringe.

Louise said...

NO!!! Say it isn't so. I've been waiting for FRINGE to return and now I read that this will be the last season. That makes me so sad. I love FRINGE. It's a wonderfully bazaar science fiction with a fantastic crew of actors. I will miss it, especially Walter.

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