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Fringe Series Finale to Air in February

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Fringe Series Finale to Air in February


Anonymous said...

Only if January has 32 days.

SissySiri said...

I swear if this ends even remotely similar to Lost I am going to scream and toss my Fringe DVD collection in the fireplace. Living in New England I will have a nice fire going in the fireplace in February when the series ends, just in case I have to make that toss.

Zepp said...

I personally do not even want to think about a date for the end of Fringe. I think the series had interrupted his the original script, with these last 13 episodes. Few as I was pleased, because he was drawing a cancellation of the series. Now I hope that happens a worthy end to the stories of Fringe, adequate and to the height of the original script, which foreshadowed wonderful, unique. Even as the words of a visionary convinced, I think Fringe does not end with these 13 episodes to come, I may be wrong, but ... the hope is the last to die.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, this day 4 years ago Fringe premiered, we had no idea what we were in for did we?

Old Darth said...

If Fringe ends like Lost I will be extremely happy.

However I fully expect Fringe to have a more balanced swansong so I'll likely end up being ecstatic!

SissySiri said...

All dead in a church? Yeah, real nice ending.

Old Darth said...

'All dead in a church? Yeah, real nice ending.'

Yes, it was heavenly! ;D

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