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Fringe - Sneak Peeks 501 "Transilience Though Unifer Model - 11"

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Here are a some new Previews for Fringe Season Premiere Episode 501 Transilience Though Unifer Model - 11. Hope you enjoy.


Cerece Rennie Murphy said...

It always makes me sad when Walter is mean to Peter. He gets blamed for so much that's not his fault. So much emotion in just 4 minutes. This is going to be such a wild ride.

45 said...

Well, the writers tend to find ways for the audience to bash Peter. I'm sure people will complain about how Peter "abandoned" Olivia and Walter instead of understanding the real reason. I mean people bashed Peter for "rejecting" Walter after finding out he was kidnapped, didn't see the differences between the Olivias and rejected Olivia before doing something really stupid. So now people will be like, "how can Peter abandon Walter and Olivia!!!!" I can't wait. Hopefully what josh said in a interview is true.

Cerece Rennie Murphy said...

That's not quite what I meant 45. I was more talking about the dynamic between Walter and Peter during scenes like in A Better Human Being. I think both Walter and Peter are guilty of being too hard on each other at times. It's a complicated family dynamic that I think makes the characters more interesting. It's just hard to watch sometimes cause I love them both so much.

Roneo said...

This Walter is much meaner than our old one, due to the recovered pieces of his brain. I also feel bad for Peter in this sneak-peak scenes, specially since he, in his so-Peterish way, accepts this attitude so stoically, although you can see the pain in his eyes and voice.
We don't know still what happened. Walter seems resented, but this time I have the feeling that Olivia is not totally free of guilt (not that I blame them and their flaws, they are just being human). After all, that's Fringe: family matters. On Friday we'll see.
Also, in that other interview, Josh says that now that he's a father himself, Peter's able to understand better Walter and his actions. For what looks like, he and Etta are getting along quite, quite well....

Anonymous said...

OMG.. That was a total spoiler x10!!! I'm surprised it got posted or was even distributed.. not that I'm complaining. :)

Zepp said...

WOW! I had not seen this true extended sample, the first episode, which starts tomorrow! You can feel the heavy atmosphere of the events and clearly the danger, which is the "Fringe team" in the future. All very "Blade Runner", high-tech society in post-catastrophe, all very new Fringe undoubtedly. The future arrives tomorrow on Fringe!

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