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FBI - Fringe Benefits Inc - Season 5 - PreSeason Podcast

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Frea, Jan, Lou, & Maximus get together after each Fringe episode in this temporarily constructed shared reality known as a podcast to discuss the Fifth & Final Season of Fringe.

It is time.

Time for our final FBI Preseason Podcast for Season 5.  The final season of Fringe.

Joining us are special guests:

Karen Lindsay from the FarScape - Scaper Chronicles & Castle - Storming The Castle Podcast
Janis Keating from the FarScape - Scaper Chronicles & Castle - Storming The Castle Podcast
Darrell Darnell from The Fringe Podcast

'We Are Here'

Intro Music: Intro - 'Lunatic Fringe' - Tom Cochrane

Exit Music: 'Azrael The World Turns - Chris Tilton

Agenda after the break.


  • Intros

  • Quick Thoughts From Everyone
    • Fringe and what has meant to you

  • Roundtable - open discussion in which everyone participates

  • Overall thoughts about the Series.
    • Fav/least Season Arcs (Mythos / Flavor / Tone / Atmosphere)
    • Fav/least character
    • Fav/least episode(s)
    • Show strengths/weaknesses
    • Fringe’s legacy - will there be one and what will it be
    • Wish list of things would like to see in Season 5?

  • Last Thoughts

- bring up thoughts not touched upon
  • Wrap-up

  • ONTO Season 5!!!!! Yay and tears!

Leave us feedback here or on Twitter:

Frea - @Frea_O
Lou - @olddarth
Maximus - @mxpw999

Jan's Fringe Recaps can be found at NiceGirlsTV

FBI Inc Podcast graphics designed by Frea_O


Anonymous said...

Amazing podcast, must listen for all Fringe fans. No spoilers but great thoughts from all on the past, present and future.

Old Darth said...

Most kind. Thanks.

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