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Fringe Season 5 ReMix Trailer

      Email Post       9/24/2012 06:57:00 PM      

Ari Margolis @jonxprodcutions does it again!

 Fringe Trailers rock!


Fringedweller downunder said...

So want to be somewhere in the universe so I can watch this live, but apparently the Observers in Australia are not going to allow it...

Zepp said...

Fringe, for me, is simply fantastic, spectacular, and I can not wait, start all over again on the 28th. WOW! Thank you, Ari Margolis, for another excellent promo.

fringeobsessed said...

Agreed, Zepp.
I believe this is Ari's best promo ever!

Cerece Rennie Murphy said...

Epic. Does anyone have the screen shots for this yet?

milostanfield said...

Have we all been stuck in amber? This week is just crawling by so slowly!

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