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Happy Birthday to Ari Margolis!

      Email Post       9/15/2012 10:00:00 PM      

On September 16th, Fringe Media Master, Ari Margolis, celebrates his birthday!
If you've been following Fringe Television anytime in the last 2 years, you will have noticed the volume of incredible promos, and other video features created by Ari that we have showcased here-almost too numerous to name.

Ari is not only a talented video artist in the television industry, but also a true and sharing Fringe fan who has been extremely interactive with other fans in the Fringedom via Twitter.
And just 2 days ago he, personally, introduced John Noble to Twitter(his address is @johnnob58004412-go say hello to John!), which is typical of Ari to do.

Ari, we all just want to take a moment to thank you for all you do for Fringe fans worldwide, and especially thanks for all your support in our fan endeavors.

So all of us here at Fringe Television wish Ari Margolis a very Happy Birthday with this video gift, created by talented Fringe vidder, Arturo Garcia. (Thank you for making this, Arturo.)
Ari, you make all the great Fringe vids, so back at cha! Enjoy!


Old Darth said...

Happy Birthday Ari! You go great work!

Live Long and Prosper!!

Zepp said...

Great and talented Ari Margolis! Congratulations by your birthday!

cortexifan said...

Happy Birthday Ari, keep them promos coming :)

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