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Marisa Hoffman: J.H. Wyman Teases Final Fringe Season Character Odysseys

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Marisa Hoffman from the Give Me My Remote - GMMR - website has written up a conference telephone call, Fringe showrunner Joel Wyman did today.

You can read the full article here:

J.H. Wyman Teases the Odysseys He Wants the Characters to Go On in the Final Season

Highlight quote from Joel for me:

“The only place to wind up is what would move me and what would I want as a closer?” he explained. “If I invested four years of my life in these characters that I’ve grown to love and be interested in and dedicated so much effort into paying attention and following, what would I want?"

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Zepp said...

Thanks Marisa Roffman (GMMR), for this beautiful interview with the showrunner Joel Wyman, and for you Old Darth, by the post. Contrary to what I was thinking, I now see that Joel Wyman have enough time to give a proper ending to the grandeur of Fringe, with these thirteen episodes to come, no doubt. According to him, this fifth season of Fringe will be like a big movie of a saga into thirteen parts and everything based on the four seasons that have already aired, which are well known to the public that watched and discussed in recent years . I personally always thought of Fringe also be a kind of saga, something kind of epic and these arguments Wyman, to make a submission as if it were an end of odysseys of the main character, I think that is super relevant and perfectly suited to everything we have seen so far, also I think. This human side, with intrigues, quarrels, romances, meetings and disagreements of the characters in the universes of Fringe, with the backdrop of the facts and cases unimaginable edge of science, is giving personality, the tone of this amazing series, I think. Another thing is that, increasingly I see the Wyman not only like an excellent professional as he is, but beside that it transpires to be undoubtedly an emotive and ardent fan of Fringe as we all do, too. So all my hope and credibility in the creative command him to give us all what we aim for an ending spectacular, fantastic and unforgettable of our beloved Fringe. Wyman I see this as a great modeler feature film in thirteen parts, with the title of Fringe, which is to begin.

LittleWing said...

I wish I felt so calm and confident. All summer, I've felt good about what was coming. But the more I watch these previews, especially the extended clip, the more my stomach is just in knots. I am sure the overall story will be epic and fantastic, but I hope I don't have to spend yet another season wondering when Peter and Olivia are going to get it together. We have done that for 2 seasons now and I am tired of getting that rug pulled out from under me every new season. I hope I'm wrong, but Wyman's description of Peter and Olivia's emotional odyssey sounds ominous to me. *sigh*

I do however have a theory about what happened to Etta. I think September somehow orchestrated the disappearance of Etta to keep her from being ambered with her parents (or worse), so that she and her gifts could mature in time to help the resistance. In the pre-season interview when Josh Jackson was talking about how difficult it was for Peter to let go of the notion that he could find Etta, it reminded me of September saying to Peter in Firefly (?) how hard it must be to be a father. At the time, I thought he was talking about Walter's struggle to let Peter go, but what if he wasn't. That's my grand theory on the mysterious "taking" of Etta. Thanks for letting me whine and share :-)

Dave Thompson said...

Do NOT Lindeloff us!!

Old Darth said...

I believe the proper term is Fedak us. ;D

LittleWing said...

I'm sorry, if you are referring to my comments, I have no idea what you are talking about. Did I do a good or a bad thing?

Zepp said...

Opinions are opinions, and I respect them all. As also think that each one must feel, the way they think. Despite opinions to the contrary, I remain optimistic about what comes in these 13 episodes of Fringe.

Old Darth said...

Little Wing your comment and speculation is fine.

Lindeloff of Lost and Fedak of Chuck are two showrunners for which the series ended on finales that created divided reactions.

LittleWing said...

Oh. Thanks for the explaination. I don't mean to divide. I am not pessimistic about the ending of the show in general. Even with the craziness of Season 3, they still made a believer out of me by the end and I have no doubt they will do the same again. Today's the day. Fringe Friday returns.

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