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Anna Torv Interview From The Fringe Set

      Email Post       9/28/2012 11:22:00 AM      

Marisa Hoffman from the Give Me My Remote - GMMR - website has posted an interview with Anna Torv from the set of Fringe where reporters asked her questions about the upcoming season and Olivia.

Looks like Olivia gets to shed her business suit attire this season!

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penguin said...

She's so nice. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Anna Torv.

Zepp said...

Besides the usual predicates having Anna Torv, for me what stands out is his professional attitude, answering questions, always broadly, direct and very opinionated. And of course, she's beautiful.

45 said...

Anna will be gone from my TV in 13 episodes. I can't wait.

SissySiri said...

That was a fun interview. Anna is always so gracious, but I am not sure the interviewers were correct on the Observers being on the other side. I will need to research.

I am happy to see Season 5 begin in two hours, but sad to think that after 13 episodes, I will not see these great actors for some time. I hope we see them in something else soon after Fringe ends.

cortexifan said...

Love Anna, always nice and patient. What a great person.

@45, funny I was gonna say the same thing about you!

@SissySiri they were right. September was in the alternate universe distracting Walternate from creating the cure for Peter. Watch 2.15 Peter. It was also in 4.14 The End Of All Things when Peter was in September's mind. The Observers have also been in every episode including the ones from the alternate universe.
Can't wait for tonight!!!

panda said...

I love Anna more than ever. :)

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or was Anna singing near the end of season 5 opener episode? sounded alot like her.

milostanfield said...

As a big RedVerse fan, the bad thing was hearing that my favorite universe suffered a fate worse than anything the machine, runaway physics, or Observers could ever inflict: they tore down the sets! Sob.

milostanfield said...

@ Anonymous

Go check out the comments for the glyphword. OldDarth posted a youtube link.

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