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Vote For Fringe in Hulu's Best In Show 2012

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They say this is the golden age of television. From offbeat comedies such as "30 Rock" to gripping dramas like "Game of Thrones," we can't argue with that.

But what's the most incredible, era-defining series on TV today? We asked HitFix's Alan Sepinwall for his take, but Hulu's third annual Best in Show is all about your vote. We've rounded up 32 TV shows for a bracket-style competition. Each week, the winning shows — based solely on the fans' votes — will advance, all the way until we reach No. 1. Cast your votes and find out who wins on April 12.

Week #1 March 8-March 14
Category:Agents Of Mass Destruction
Fringe  In hindsight, I wonder if the "Fringe" producers might like a mulligan on the decision to spend this fourth season in two brand-new (or largely-rewritten) timelines where Peter died as a boy, which severed the emotional connection we had built with all the other characters over the three previous seasons. Yet even with that handicap, we've gotten a number of excellent episodes, and John Noble is outstanding no matter how many versions of Walter Bishop he's asked to play.
Fringe is up for a vote against the series "Homeland."
Please vote often for Fringe from now until March 14th by clicking here.


cortexifan said...


aydee said...

Done! And Fringe is #1 in TV Guide's "Best Drama". Yeah, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fringeobsessed said...

I saw that, aydee. 'Tis good!

milostanfield said...


cortexifan said...

Oh you can vote more than once?

milostanfield said...


Apparently yes. You just have to refresh your browser window to get the buttons back.

cortexifan said...

thanks :)

cortexifan said...

Fringe made it to round 2.
Keep voting!!

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