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Fans Ask Fringe: Joshua Jackson on Pecoln

      Email Post       3/28/2012 06:02:00 PM      

Joshua Jackson answers a fan question in this latest Fans Ask Fringe interview:
"For those of us who ship Peter/Lincoln (Pecoln), any good news for us?" - Buffyundercover / Larissa

If you would like to get your own questions answered, send a tweet to ‏ @jonxproductions with the hashtag #FansAskFringe


Dennis said...

Jackson's answer is funny, but of all the unanswered questions in Fringe, this is what they make a video about?

Anonymous said...

oh, come on, that was funny.. you guys talk like they would give any spoiler on this videos... is for that, to be funny.. and joshua jackson's answer was adorable.. wish I could see Seth's face to this question ahahaha

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