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TV Line Upgrades Fringe Season 5 to "Safe Bet"

      Email Post       3/07/2012 04:52:00 PM      

TV Line has upgraded Fringe in its "2012 Renewal Scorecard" from "Could go either way" to "A safe bet".

Not a scene from Terra Nova
While no explanation was given, this comes right off the news that "Terra Nova" has been officially  canceled.

Along with "House" ending this season, this will free up spots in the very limited 10-hours of FOX prime time schedule.

And there might even be more spots opening up soon, as both "Alcatraz" and "The Finder" have been doing poorly in the ratings.

Storage units?! Fringe has storage units too!
While not a bad a sign as The Firm moving to Saturdays, the "The Finder" moving to Fridays is probably not good news for that show. Even though Fringe has been surviving on Friday nights, it was not in its rookie season when it made the move.

However, the move could help Fringe, by giving it a better lead-in than Kitchen Nightmares, which other than Walter liking to eat a lot, doesn't have much in common with Fringe. But then again, it may make little different, since Fringe has "FRINGE has the biggest percentage gain from time-shifted viewing of any series this season".

What do you think will happen?


cortexifan said...

"in the end I have to believe in HOPE"

Zepp said...

I honestly do not understand macro-economies of large networks of entertainment, such as FOX, among others. But this my "experience" with Fringe, supports me a little, my opinions. Terra Nova is a wonderful project in essence, but, really, as reported in the media, very expensive in their production, I see. And I think that was the point, which led to his premature cancellation, unfortunately. I also see this as bad news for those who like science fiction, no doubt. I feel, too, in spite of everything that is Fringe, it may be said, almost solid on Friday, something that can not be said for the show "The Finder," which I think of it this way for a Friday, something like a state of "standby", I presume. "Alcatraz" is starting, and "Touch", so we saw the great success of the premiere, so everything I see, is indefinite, with perspectives still blurred.

Well, this is the current context (real) that our Fringe is, and it is from these reports, this environment, now created, I feel that the 5th season of Fringe is coming.

aydee said...

I know it's terrible to be happy when a show gets cancelled, but I hope the money gets funneled to Fringe for a 5th season. PLEASE!!!

Old Darth said...

What flummoxes me is that Fringe's DVR numbers make it a no brainer to move it to another night.

fringeobsessed said...

I have to agree with you, O.D.

Anonymous said...

This is the best news ever!!! I honestly don't care what the reasons are, whether they need time slot fillers, lower production costs and/or more money allocated towards Fringe. Fringe has hope! YeePee!! Terra Nova was an awful awful show. It is simply a remake of LOST and the Jurassic Park series.. two amazing epics that should never be replicated. I had such high hopes for Alcatraz and was really surprised at how bad it is. It really lacks dynamic characters and lags with storyline, unlike our Fringe. Sooo happy right now!!

Unknown said...

I'm not surprised that the Finder is doing poorly, the cast of the cross-over pilot was amazing, lots of chemistry between the characters. But they didn't sign Saffron Burrows, her character made it all work. I was disappointed in the actual pilot it just didn't have that 'pizzazz' or impact. I watch it but isn't as enjoyable as that very first episode.

And I'm not surprised about Terra Nova either; usually I enjoy shows like this, I tried watching it but I just couldn't get interested. I think they had an awesome idea but just couldn't implement it properly.

I really am hoping that Fringe gets another season. Such a multifaceted show that I need to watch it several times just to take it ALL in.

Matthew M said...

I'm glad we might get another 13 for "FRINGE". Hope it works out.
I like "FINDER" O.K. enough but I agree that without Saffron Burrows whom I simply adore, it's just not the same. They could have kept her and made her language more understandable. I understand that's why she wasn't resign was because so many people including execs hated the way she spoke and most said they couldn't understand a word she said.
As far as the other shows being axed or like house, completed - I'm good with all of them being gone.

Valerie said...

I'm glad they cancelled Terra Nova. I tried to get into that show and couldn't. But I love The Finder. I agree Mercedes isn't as good as Saffron, but I love the rest of it and watch every week. Also: so thankful that Fringe is probably going to get another season! I adore that show so very, very much!

abruno13 said...

It's mind boggling that shows like Jersey shore can get to season 6...but an amazing show like fringe is in trouble of being cancelled. Ppl.need to stop watching these stupid reality shows.
And the way that they calculate viewership needs to be adjusted for technology...mainly the DVR...if not for the DVR half the shows on television wouldn't be getting watched!

Stranded Yankee said...

Just saw on TVLine that it is back to "Could go either way." :-(

tania said...

Finder is stupid. I'm okay if you cancel it. Sucks you cancelled Terra Nova, it rocked. Keep Fringe.

Nala said...


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