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Joshua Jackson and Executive Producer Joel Wyman Live Tweeting on Twitter After Tonight's Episode!

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As if you didn't have enough great reasons to participate in the Fringe Twitter/GetGlue campaign tonight, hosted by Fringenuity, I give you a few more!

Two days ago, executive producer Joel Wyman dropped by at Twitter(and we always love it) and answered many fan questions. One fan asked if he would be live tweeting after the airing of episode 415 tonight. Joel posted the following:
" I will. Barring any unforeseen circumstances. For sure."

At 10PM last night Joshua Jackson, who plays Peter Bishop on our favorite show, started tweeting on Twitter. That's right! Joshua Jackson has a Twitter account and has been quite actively tweeting since 10PM Eastern US time last night.

Of course many Fringe fans were skeptical that @VancityJax was the real Joshua Jackson, so executive producer Joel Wyman appeared and tweeted the following around 3AM Eastern:
 Popping on to say @vancityjax is the great Josh Jackson. It's true. 'Night!

Now, in addition to joining Fringe fans on Twitter last night and today in between filming on the set in Vancouver, Josh tweeted the following reply when asked if he was going to live tweet during episode 415 tonight:
"as much as I can. I'll be at work, but I'm going to join @JWFRINGE in the fun."

So Fringe fans, I present you two more reasons to get onto Twitter tonight after episode 415 ends:
Joel Wyman and Joshua Jackson.

(And please be aware that Jasika Nicole sometimes joins us as well as long time fan Rebecca Mader, and past guest actress Michelle Krusiec.)

If you are not familiar with Twitter you can make an account here:


narzy said...

i like joshua jackson and anna torv a lot....narzsevilla

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