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Fringe Rewatch Suggestions, by Ari Marigolis

      Email Post       3/02/2012 01:13:00 PM      

Mmmmmmmm, beacon

Master Fringe editor Ari Margolis (@jonxproductions) has given us some Fringe "homework" for the hiatus. These are the episodes that he suggests that we should re-watch to get ready for the return of Fringe on March 23.

Fringe 104: The Arrival (iTunes) - Where we first lean about the observers and the beacon.

We will definitely be seeing more of The Beacon soon...

Fringe 113: The Transformation (iTunes) - Olivia goes in the tank to access John Scott's memories
Fringe 301: Olivia (iTunes) - Olivia is brainwashed by Walternate to believe she is the Alt-olivia

These episodes focus on the palimpsest concept.

Fringe 114: Ability (iTunes) - Jones gets Olivia to turn off some lights
Fringe 213: The Bishop Revival (iTunes) - Fringe Nazis!
Fringe 306: 6955 kHz (iTunes) -Fringe team find pieces of The Machine

These three episodes are grouped together for a specific (but not specified) reason:

Fringe 209: Snakehead (iTunes) -Walter wanders around Chinatown in search of parasites

And this episode is recommended for another unspecified reason.

Of course all of these episodes are available on the Fringe DVDs and BluRays.


Zepp said...

A list of episodes, recommended by Ari Marigolis, will always have my attention. It's an interesting list of episodes, and must have some (or many) relations with what we are now watching this 4th season, I have no doubt about it. But forcing my memory, I do not think large correlations between the episode "Fringe 306: 6955 kHz," and epi "Fringe 209: Snakehead". It is here that my curiosity increases more ...

jophan said...

I would like to think that 113 implies that Peter still has bits of September's consciousness in his head. Maybe there's a chance it will involve a straight answer or two?

Anonymous said...

I've been watching from the beginning, but haven't seen season 1 since it aired. Just got the blu-ray, maybe this will get me through the 3 more weeks without Fringe

milostanfield said...

Oh boy! If I had gotten homework assignments like this in junior high I would have never dropped out.

113 - Thanks, Jophan. I hadn't thought of that. I only thought about the two Olivias currently in Olivia's head, and that one of them may be the Olivia who has to die. What if Peter, now that he's had a little practice, goes into Olivia's head?(!) That would be Olivia, Olivia, Peter, and September all at the same time. Weird.

With John Scott in 113 there was the issue of trust. And also that John was fading from her mind with unsettled issues between them. With both Olivia's I think it would be an issue of one surviving or both blending. I'd like to think there won't be a tragic ending, but if either Olivia dies it would be sad.

Zepp - I just watched 113, but I think I will skip to "Snakehead". I too am curious about its relevance. I know you will watch "The Bishop Revival"! Maybe we will find out how Hoffman lived to be 100.

msLizN said...

Probably a silly question but is 2.13 What Lies Beneath or The Bishop Revival, because if you count unearthed as 2.11 then What Lies Beneath would be 2.13

msLizN said...

Perhaps the reason to watch Snakehead is for the Glyph code alone which spells "Hidden"?

Jeabp said...

Fringe 114: Ability (iTunes) - Jones gets Olivia to turn off some lights
Fringe 213: The Bishop Revival (iTunes) - Fringe Nazis!
Fringe 306: 6955 kHz (iTunes) -Fringe team find pieces of The Machine

All feature the used bookstore owner Ed Markham.
114 - ZFT manustript
213 - Old german novels belonging to Walter
306 - first people book

Jeabp said...

And considering the title is "a short STORY about love" maybe we are looking for a book

Em said...

nice catch Jeabp! I think your definitly on to something, and really, books, have played a huge role in the story so far, although since we're on a new timeline, I'm guessing its going to be something ZFT related, do not have a clue about snakehead except for Walter planting the tracker in himself?

Zepp said...


This list of episodes of Marigolis, seems to be an authentic "Editor's Pic." And in general, these episodes seem, at first, have Olivia, as the principal, and as Walter as the second item of importance. The 213, which deals with the Nazi actions Hoffman, is something directly related to the Bishops, more precisely to Robert Bishop, which is where the origins of Walter.
I do not know, but something tells me, have some relationship: Hoffman> Zeppelin guy with a shirt with "X"> Mr.Jones, and epi 213 seems to be the "key". Let's see.

Dennis said...


If you look at the tweet by Ari, he specifies "T.B.R." (The Bishop Revival) as 213.

FYI, The official episode number of "Unearthed" is 121. It was a bonus episode from season 1. It was aired in the middle of season 2, which is why there is some confusion.

milostanfield said...

This is probably just me Jonesing for a Walter centric ep (he's been more of a supporting character since early this season), but I'm thinking the revelent theme from "Snakehead" will be Walter self actualizing.

He is the only "family" member not directly involved in the current arc's "identity crisis" theme. Olivia is central to that, and Peter, who has not been rewritten, is having an "identifying crisis". Walter has much more of an emotional stake in Olivia in this timeline, as she has stood between him and St. Claire's, so I think he would be more involved for that alone.

If this timeline is a rewrite of all the characters, wouldn't all of them, except uniquely Peter, be palimpsests too? Or does that concern just Olivia with her cortexiphanabilities?

Zepp said...

Interesting. But I think, that everything is a gap in the transition stage, or, as others claim (which I do not believe) that the whole compass or context will be different from now, fully promoted by palimpsest effect. For my part, I assume the writers are rearranging, adjusting everything, with reference to the character Peter. No, I see a new writing done on - or simply deleting - something previously written or happened earlier this 4th season. Yes, there are a rewrite, an adaptation of the memory of the characters, based on the current memory of Peter. Memories of Peter, we are, I see. As also, until this last epi, I see that all of us (viewers Fringe), definitely we are seeing an "other" story of Fringe.

I wonder. Will these new behaviors of the characters in this 4th season, will remain with this new rewritten characters, which began with the recovery of "previous" Olivia's memories, even with this rewrite?

Because of this, is that the list of episodes, provided by Marigolis, becomes important, which will see and review this order, which was published.

GermanRadioAmateur said...

I also recommend to watch:

1.07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones
Loeb is infected with some parasite and David Robert Jones rather wanted to ask a question to Mr. Smith than his freedom. At the end we learn that the infected person (Loeb) and his wife (Samantha) were involved.

Question was: Where does the Gentleman live?
Answer was: Little Hill

That might be how 209 could just be some clue, as it is also about some parasite.

Well, see:

Briar said...

Wasn't that also about unearthing a memory - in this case of a dead man who we had just seen shot in the head? Meanwhile we the audience realise that Loeb and his wife have been projecting false identities.

GermanRadioAmateur said...

Exactly Briar, it just totally fits into the context:

- Unearthing memory
- Parasite (>Snakehead)
- David Robert Jones

joao said...

Wow, many theories. This episode is gonna be big.

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