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Vote For Fringe in TV March Madness

      Email Post       3/16/2012 03:54:00 PM      

TV news blog Zap2It is running their annual TV March Madness competition, pitting the best shows on TV against each other tournament-style.

Fringe is up against Game of Thrones it the first round. GoT may be a popular show, but does it have the loyal fan base that Fringe has?

Head over to Zap2It to cast your vote for Fringe!

(While you are at it, give Justified a little love!)


fringeobsessed said...

Right now Fringe is winning by 12%!
Keep voting please!

wip3out said...


fringe will win of course :)

Anonymous said...


What sort of retards are voting here...

Blue said...

Don't forget about Hulu's Best in Show! Fringe made it through week 1, but is currently losing to The Walking Dead in week 2 (Just looked and Fringe is at 48%, Walking Dead at 52%, so it's close) Remember you can vote multiple times!

BradFox said...

Now Fox needs to renew it! It's the best show on television.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the decent shows on television with quality, great writing and a Sci-Fi geek's exciting weekly show. The last episode of season four was amazing and I really hope they continue for a fifth season. It would be really disappointing if it got cut.

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