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Support Fringe: Ads From "Nothing As It Seems"

      Email Post       3/31/2012 01:42:00 AM      

This is a compilation of all the commercials (and glyphs) shown during the Fringe episode "Nothing As It Seems".

Please take a moment to thank the sponsors of Fringe on their Twitter and/or Facebook pages (and if possible, purchase their products!) Keep it simple, like this:
Hey @McDonalds, I just observed your 20-piece McNuggets commercial during #Fringe. Thanks for supporting the show. :)
For other ways to show your support for Fringe, check out other Support Fringe posts, like the weekly Twitter and GetGlue campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool of you guys. I'm one if your biggest fans. Check me out on facebook. Patrick Herendeen. Thanks for an amazing 4th season so far :)

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