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Ratings: Fringe Pops Up from Demo Low

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Ratings: Fringe Pops Up from Demo Low
by Matt Webb Mitovich

Now this is interesting: Fox’s Fringe this Friday drew 3.11 million total viewers while scoring a 1.2 demo rating — that marks week-to-week gains of 8 and 33 percent, up from the all-time demo low the show has been nursing for too long.

View Matt's TVLine.com post here.


Old Darth said...

Thank goodness!

cortexifan said...

In the end I have to believe in HOPE!

chillip said...

NCAA basketball on Friday had to have a big effect on ratings. It's over -- go Fringe!

Matthew M said...

Glad the ratings were up but the episode was just a variation on a old theme. Disappointing. Not it looks like the titles are correct - nothing is as it seems. Looking more and more disjointed like "LOST" did. They have 'lost' their way. Can they find their way home again? We shall see won't we. Six episodes to go....................

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free screen recorder said...

Congrats! No wonder though, it is really fascinating and people love it. I am totally into it and btw I don't think they have 'lost' their way. To me it is as fancy as it was in the very beginning!

how to convert mp4 files to mov said...

I am with Cortexifan. In the end I have to believe in HOPE!

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