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FRINGE - Fans Ask: Take Away

      Email Post       3/14/2012 08:54:00 PM      

Here's the latest installment in Fringe media master, Ari Margolis' famous "Fans Ask" series. This time members of the cast are asked what they would take away from the set if they could. Enjoy!


Fringe Lover said...

I would take John Noble with me too and Joshua is too cute with the Han Solo reference.

cortexifan said...

I want Olivia's linen from S1-3, the Violet Sedan Chair poster and the Observer's phone.
But I hope they will wait before they take the set apart because I'm still hoping for S5!!!!!

Fringe made it to round 2 on hulu, go vote :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! I would take away the sketches of the machine with Peter in it as well as the matching sketch of Olivia.

milostanfield said...

Anything "Over There":
an ear cuff
an Amber Alert sign
Milo's Bic pen
Walternate's desk/computer screen
baby Henry's blood sample
Fauxlivia's red wig
my own blimp!
some big clunky white "location" letters to hang on the front of the building I live in

ACJ said...

Bobbin container (too cute!)
a quantum entangled typewriter
any random lab equipment
the double-decker car toy
the isolation tank
the lawn furniture from Marionette

ACJ said...

I'm with Anna, though, I moved around a lot as a kid so I have memory boxes with little items that remind me of places and times. Little things (or t-shirts) are my favorite souveniers :)

Zepp said...

If I could, I would take my house all of the Walter lab, and along with it, but it is not possible:) But Fringe is full of wonderful objects, parts or details, which, among others, I would take:
- Walter's old car, the 1st season;
- The golden bell of William Bell;
- The card "showme" from the other side (with my picture), and
- Walter's apron, which he uses in the kitchen.

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