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Fringe FBI Podcast Season 4 Episode 15

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Frea, Jan, Lou, & Maximus get together after each Fringe episode in this temporarily constructed shared reality known as a podcast to discuss the Fourth Season of Fringe.

'A Short Story About Love'

Peter & Olivia Convergence Crippled By Creepy COTW  
1) Intros
2) Episode Easter Eggs  
3) Quick Thoughts 
4) RoundTable 
5) Ep Rating - out of 10 Genes

Intro Music: Intro - 'Boy Inside The Man' - Tom Cochrane - Symphony Sessions
Exit Music: Chorus -  'Boy Inside The Man' - Tom Cochrane - Symphony Sessions

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LittleWing said...

I so agree with Maximus, Frea and Lou on this episode. The COTW felt like an annoying distraction. All I wanted to do was stay with these characters/actors who did such an awesome job in this episode (Blair and Anna were amazing to watch), but instead we got creepy dude. The episode would have been much better without him. To have only a second of "togetherness" with Peter and Olivia after waiting all season felt really wrong.

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