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Need Fringe? The 2012 Mini Fringe Binge Begins Tonight!

      Email Post       3/02/2012 10:38:00 AM      

Well, this is the first Friday in our new hiatus, but it does not have to be Fringe-less!
The famous  Fringe Binge is back by popular demand, and begins at 9:00PM Eastern US time-the same time Fringe airs on the East Coast.

This month's Fringe Binge is a mini one. Back in December the famous Tumblr site asked fans to pick the episodes they most wanted to rewatch. Now the list is compiled and they are ready to roll!
So if you can, sit back and enjoy the 42 fan-picked episodes of your favorite sci-fi show from tonight, March 2nd through Sunday, March 4th.

Make sure to visit the official Fringe Binge tumblr page here.

You can also follow the Mini Binge progress via Twitter:@fringebinge2012 !


cortexifan said...

I'm just going to watch them all from the beginning to now :)

Josh said...

[color=navy]thanks ![/color]

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