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Fringe 416 Sneak Peek #2:"Nothing As It Seems"

      Email Post       3/28/2012 09:18:00 PM      

Here's a second new preview video for upcoming episode 416, titled "Nothing As It Seems" which airs this Friday on FOX.


fjg said...

no, not another soppy one. What's all this wishy washy stuff. How can this be the Fringe we new from last season and the ones before. Not worth renewing.

History said...

@History_My_Name I don't know why i cried when i saw the Fringe 416 Preview #2:"Nothing As It Seems"
Love it ;*

Anonymous said...

I loved it too!

@ fig - That's a bit harsh. First, that is only one scene out of a 45-minute show and they HAVE to show the emotional outcome of Peter's revelation. It just makes more sense that way.

Also, I think that by season 4, most fans (in my opinion) have invested so much in the characters and the overall story that most of us just want to see more of them, more development of the overall story and less of the COTW.

If all you want to see are weird cases and a storyline that lacks progression, I suggest you watch Alcatraz.

Zepp said...

Liking something is a very personal thing, and in some cases people like even without understanding, with respect to what they are enjoying it. I think to really like Fringe, the person must have a minimum understanding of the general plot, of almost four seasons so far, because if this happens. As I said, it's all a matter of personal preference, or not liking something. I agree with you, @fringelover, Alcatraz is a good indication for the @fig. Go, Fringe, for the 5th season, go!

rgos said...

Has anyone else notice the subtle differences in Walter's personality since the beginning of Season 4? The craving's have gotten weirder, his anecdotes are back. In the beginning of the season he was abrupt, of course scared, but almost in a constant daze, the genius was still there however, but not the eccentricity. I think that this is foreshadowing that Walter's memories will return as well, and aspects of his personality have already returned. I know people will say that it is because Peter is having a good effect on him, and that may partially be it as well, but i think we can't forget that these changes began to occur while Peter was maintaining a distance from Walter, and Walter was not vying for Peter's love like he was at the beginning of Fringe. So i theorize that Walter is becoming the old walter and the new memories will begin to fade.

Fringeholic said...

I love Walter's punchline about porcupines!It only shows God has sense of humour. This storyline shows that this show has endless possibilities. It is so ingenious that they put back a previous case on a different timeline. Brilliant show!

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