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Beyond The Fringe Comic #5: Chapter A

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DC Comics has released the ninth comic in the "Beyond The Fringe" direct-to-digital series.

Beyond The Fringe #5: Chapter A was written by Jhonen Vasquez, is available now for $0.99 via

Here is the official description:
Ghost Writer - Part 1

"Ghost Writer" is a two-part story written by acclaimed animation and comic book creator Jhonen Vasquez and drawn by award-winning comic artist Becky Cloonan. When Nina Sharp's arm appears to be acting on its own, it may have a connection to experiments conducted by Walter Bishop and William Bell back in the 1970s. Continued in BEYOND THE FRINGE Chapter 6A.
Order "Beyond The Fringe" here


Bob Rosenberg said...

Someone can not count. This is the 9th not 8th issue in the series.

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