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Fringe Episode 502: "In Absentia"

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Happy Fringe Friday!
The Fringe team revisits the Harvard lab, now under Observer control, to try to find the information they need as the team fights on in their mission to save the world.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "In Absentia"?


Anonymous said...

Too much Etta, and Etta is cold and empty, no emotions what so ever, not even in her eyes when talking with Olivia.

If Etta would be in Fringe as standalone, no one would care for her, and people would see the poor acting.

But Etta has been brought in to resemble as much as possible Olivia in looks and copied some scenes of Olivia in 419,
an as Olivia Dunham has been made so popular and such a deep and interesting character by awesome Anna Torv,
people now accept her.

We now have more backstory for Etta in 2 episodes than for Olivia in 4 seasons.

Being hardened is no reason for being emotionless,
Olivia had a childhood from hell, her empathy is her trademark,
and Olivia has to care for her abuser Walter.

Standout was Anna Torv, beautiful subtle acting, her eyes, her face, in the scenes with the loyalist,
and with Etta.
Anna does not need gadgets, her face says it all.

Big mistake to set it 2036, should have been 2016, they could have gone the same route, only with a daughter that has a normal age compared to the parents,
and the focus would be on them.

I want to know why Olivia was so important for Bell and Walter, I hate it that it seems that she has been abused and pumped full with cortexaphan only to create super-Etta.

milostanfield said...

Radzinsky?! Opening hatches?! Jumpy video tapes?! Namaste!

Anonymous said...

It was a good episode. The mother/daughter scenes were my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Anna Torv awesome as always, what she does with her eyes, face, her expressions , her emotions beautiful.

In contrast the emptimess of G.Haigs Etta, nothing in her eyes, face , she really is profiting from the years of had work that anna Torv put in creating Olivia,

and without Olivia no one would like Etta.

I dislike that Etta gets all the backstory writing they never wanted to give Olivia,

We have to understand why Etta is teh way she is, but they never took the trouble to do so for Olivia.
In episode 17 we learned that she was used in trials, 1 season later in 2.14 we got a bit more of that.

The Olivia and Etta scenes, worked because of Annas brilliance, you could feel her pain when snapped at by smug Etta.

Loyalist versus Olivia were great for the same reason, the empathy from Olivia and her pain when she said that she knew about losing her child.

BTW.I noticed on other places, that for years everyone was OK with Peter being Jesus, but now Olivia (as an outsider in this world) influenced two people , outrage.

I hope that that means Olivia will get her status as Chosen One back,high time.

Anonymous said...

Yeeees, we get it, Engrif! You are obsessed with Anna Torv. I can't wait for 45 to come here and complete you. A match made in hell!

constantcoefficient said...

This episode wonderfully highlighted Olivia's ability to inspire hope in others, a theme the show has been playing with a long, long time. I have to wonder how cortexifan will play into this next season, as they said Olivia was essentially back to normal after her "resurrection", but in the earlier seasons she was at "normal" cortexifan levels and was still able to shut down the DRJ bomb, cross universes, mend the machine, etc, not to mention she clearly passed some ability down to Etta. I'm left wondering whether a) Massive Dynamic/Nina Sharp still has the old vaults of cortexifan we saw last season, and b)whether Olivia and Etta will voluntarily be given cortexifan to battle the Observers. It would rock to see some mother/daughter superhero action, along with the brilliant engineering skills of Peter/Walter/Astrid.

Also, having seen some of the mother/daughter and father/daughter interactions, I can't wait to see more of how Peter and Olivia handle her as their daughter together, especially with Grandpa Walter and "aunt" Astrid.

Sad knowing there are only 11 episodes left, but having seen the first two I just can't wait to see how it ends. Regardless, I'll probably end up bawling my eyes out.


Anonymous said...

I must say I am a bit disappointed by this season so far. One thing I always liked about Fringe is that I never knew where it was going. Granted last season was a bit sappy, but this season (so far) seems to have a definite goal. I hope I'm suprised!

Zepp said...

This episode "In Absentia" was excellent, where science fiction and action, gave their place to the drama of the interrelationships of the characters. With a competent production, direction and design scene that this episode showed, I could see and feel all the potential, all the quality of the cast of actors that Fringe has. "In Absentia," to me, was a real show of artistic interpretation, where the actors, all of them, very well directed, acted with a high level of interpretive performance.

I also see that the characters are now being delineated more with your "drawing" more finished. I feel the Etta, even as a cold, distant and authoritarian, which showed his "human side" pious, to release the prisoner. Etta grew without being guided and educated by their parents, the family ran out when he was just a helpless child, who is living since then in an environment that is always in constant ebullition, revolution, without freedom of expression, individuality amid ruins , lack of confidence and lack of hope. I particularly understand these attitudes of cold Etta undoubtedly due to everything she has experienced since she was a small child when he was kidnapped. On the other hand, Olivia definitely is another person that I learned to know. She is more calm, secure in their actions, think more before acting, is weighted in their gatherings and decisions, seems to me wiser. She, I feel, seems to have taken a step back, a stop type to better understand, after all it really is that beautiful girl, who is his daughter Etta. I see, too, gradually Etta is, somehow, recognizing Olivia, as his mother, but it gradually. The fine performances of Anna Torv and Georgina Haig constituted an authentic sideshow in this episode.

I liked also the guest star (Eric Lange) to be the "prisoner" who showed a lot of scenic quality in their holdings in this episode. He thereby proved to be a great dramatic actor. And finally, John Noble, Joshua Jackson and Jasika Nicole, were also excellent. They interpret their characters as if they were musical instruments in the hands of virtuosos, ie they are and are stupendous.

This fifth season of Fringe, is making me increasingly in wonder, no doubt.

Kyle said...

I searched Fringe and 2609 (the year the world becomes inhabitable) and this is what came up. Just through it was odd.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI when Walter speaks Swedish (badly) at the beginning of the ep I think he says

"Världens öde hänger på det - vad jag har glömt"

The fate of the world depends on it - what I have forgotten

Unknown said...

I love Zepp's comments always a balanced perspective. I think we should delve into each characters morals but except that Oliva, Peter and Etta combined with their traits will save the world. I think this is the writers aim to distract us from the real questions - what will happen in the end, how come Peter is wearing a different shirt in both the dreams sequence, did Peter wear a purple tux at their wedding, where are broyles and Nina? Did Gene the cow get ambered lol. I think the discussion of these episodes prove what a great show fringe it. Loving it!

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