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Saturday Night Fringe Reruns Return This Saturday!

      Email Post       1/13/2011 08:49:00 PM      

In an unexpected turn of events, Fringe reruns are returning to Saturday nights. The spot was previously occupied by "The Good Guys", and will give Fringe fans another opportunity to catch new episodes.

Since there is no new Fringe episode this week, this Saturday's Fringe rerun will be "Marionette". But starting next week, we will get a new Fringe episodes on Friday nights at 9:00pm, then that episode will air again on Saturdays at 11:00pm.


fringeobsessed said...

Good to hear this, Dennis.
That's smart marketing, especially with so many Fringe fans that might miss the Friday showings due to social stuff.

Anonymous said...

My family and I just started watching Fringe ( amazing). We got season 1 and 2 on DVD but missed all of seasons 3. Will the Saturday night Fringe start with the first episode entitled Olivia? Help we are hooked!!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" -- did you ever find season 3 somewhere or find out about reruns? My husband and I just finished season 2 last night and we can't wait all summer to see season 3 either! We don't want to pay $50 on itunes or a little less on Amazon.

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