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Good News on Fringe Ratings for The Firefly

      Email Post       1/28/2011 01:10:00 PM      

The ratings for the first Fringe epsiode on Friday nights look pretty promising, according to Entertainment Weekly:
By some miracle of magic or science, Fox’s Fringe moved to Friday night and did not go down in the ratings.
The episode — titled “The Firefly” (nicely ironic considering the show’s move to Fox’s infamous Death Slot) — actually improved upon its most recent Thursday performance.
Fringe, which featured Christopher Lloyd as a guest star, delivered 4.9 million viewers and a 1.9 preliminary adults 18-49 rating last night. That’s right in line with its Thursday season average. Remember, Fox’s Kevin Reilly said if the show maintains its Thursday numbers on Friday, he’d renew it, so let’s hope the drama can keep this up.
Things look even better when you add in the 3-day DVR viewings:
The drama has gained an additional 42 percent thanks to DVR playback after only three days of Nielsen measurements.
Fringe jumped from a 1.9 adult demo rating on Friday night (matching its Thursday average) to a 2.7, thanks to the added viewing. Compare that to CBS’ Blue Bloods, which has averaged a 2.4 on the night. Competition will climb in the coming weeks as Fringe will face more original shows like CW’s Supernatural, but this is a great start.
Tonight was supposed to be the big test, with new episodes of Supernatural returning, but it looks like that will have to wait one more week, as the CW pushed the Supernatural (and Smallville) returns to February 4.

Like EW's Jeff Jensen, I will of course be watching Fringe live, and don't plan on watching Supernatural at all. But what about you?

How will you watch Fringe and/or Supernatural?


Xindilini said...

Watch both shows live. Never had that option before. Guess I do that sometimes just to see which one I prefer. There are at least 15 minutes of commercial time for me to do something else, including channel surface. Just haven't needed to in a while.

Matthew M said...

Anyone else notice that the DIRECTV HDDVR doesn't show Fringe to record a new episode? Just hit reset to see if that corrects the problem. With the delay of Smallville (I don't watch Supernatural) thought maybe Fringe was delayed also.
RESET didn't fix it but it still says RECIPROCITY is the one playing. Man these Networks are so stupid and I e-mailed CW to tell them I didn't appreciate SMALLVILLE being delay yet another week. Those idiots just don't get it.

Sledgehammer said...

Iv'e never even heard of Supernatural. what is that??? Sorry but there's no way it could beat Fringe. I don't seen how any show is better than Fringe. I like Smallville but it's still not as good. I want Fringe to acquire more viewers so it can stay on television, but the problem is someone can't just decide to watch Fringe now. They have to watch from the beginning or else they will not be able to understand the show whatsoever. But they can't watch it from the beginning because there is no way unless you buy them all, which doesn't even make any sense for a new viewer to somehow be possessed to buy a show he/she has never even seen before. This is the problem people. No one else seems to see this except me:'( I actually bought season 1 today just so I could lend it to my friend for her to get caught up. But I'll still have to buy season 2 as well which I'm glad to do because it helps with proceedings for the show but probably no one else in the world would do that to solve this problem here. The only viewers the show has now, or will ever have, have been watching it from the very beginning. We need another way or else we can't expect to get anymore viewers. This isn't like Glee or something where you can just start watching in the middle of the season and still be able to watch it from that point on with out much problem understanding it. I'm just worried and frustrated that's all. I've seen too many of my favorite shows get canceled. The one that I have to say I was the most devastated about was Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That show was great. And of course, got canceled right at it's peak without any questions being answered. I didn't think that could happen. It felt illegal or something. But now I know better, and it feels awful to have no control over something you want so desperately not to lose. I don't want to see the same thing that happened to T:SCC, happen to Fringe.

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