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EW Exclusive: Fringe Music Video

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Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at a new Fringe music video, featuring music from English alternative rock band Klaxons. According to Jeff Jensen:
Fox has taken the group’s 2010 single “Echoes” and created a Fringe music video that recaps the season’s Two Olivias parallel world storyline and functions as a ‘shipper ode to the developing Olivia/Peter romance
Does the video contain hidden clues about upcoming episodes? I’ve viewed it twice, and I’m inclined to say “Nope”, but your Encyclopedia Brown eyes may yield different results. [Klaxons are] a band whose musical style has been described as “acid rave sci-fi punk funk,” that gives their albums names that could double as titles of Fringe episodes (Myths of the Near Future; Surfing The Void) and is prone to referencing William Burroughs andThomas Pynchon in their songs.
Check out the full article at EW.com.


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