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Update #2 on "Seven Suns" by Violet Sedan Chair

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JJ Abrams, you are correct. I do love a good Fringe-related mystery. And I'm convinced I am not alone.
In the last 24 hours it seems some fans did some research on the record company, 13th Tone Records, listed on the label of Kiki Kane's newly-acquired "Seven Suns" album from Violet Sedan Chair.

Check this out. On April 14, 2009 a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for 13th Tone Records(See link below). Hmm. That date ring a bell? Just 6 days before JJ Abrams' famous Wired Magazine article came out.(If you don't know what I'm talking about see my post below dated 01/17/11.) Coincidence? I think not. I think it's pretty safe to say Kiki's album is the real thing.

The trademark is owned by Constant Bickering, LLC. Now, it gets even more interesting. If you use that link below, you'll see CB has 6 records. Two are listed as "Violet Sedan Chair," two are listed as "Velvet Sedan Chair"(is the first word a typo or on purpose?), and the last two are listed as "13th Tone Music." What does that all mean to us Fringe fans? I'm not sure, but hopefully we'll find out. And the fact that the record company that put out "Seven Suns" is called "13th Tone Records"? Is that a clue to something? If someone reading this understands the significance of a 13th tone in musicalese, please enlighten us.

Also, the Side 2 songs are now available on the internet for your listening pleasure. Use the link below and share your thoughts.

Trademark info on 13th Tone Records: http://www.trademarkia.com/13th-tone-records-77713692.html
Constant Bickering, LLC: http://www.trademarkia.com/company-constant-bickering-llc-2838241-page-1-2
Entire "Seven Suns" songlist with audio(thanks to LetItPlayOut): http://soundcloud.com/letitplayout/sets/violet-sedan-chair-seven-suns-lp-side-2/


Unknown said...

It's notable that there are only 12 notes or tones in Western musical notation... I found a wikipedia article on a little known musical theory developed by a Mexican musician in the early 1900's called Sonida 13 which means something like 13th Sound or 13th Note. Basically the theory explores infinite musical variation of sound as opposed to standard Western thinking of 12 notes... Sounds very Fringe like though, infinite possibilities and all... The link to the wikipedia article is:

Anonymous said...


Kiki's album is definitely real, as is the 2nd copy found at the same store by another person. There has also been a 3rd copy located, also in Seattle I believe.

Anonymous said...

Note the "Velvet Sedan Chair" copyrights are dead, meaning discontinued, so maybe they were mistakes. The 2nd Violet Sedan Chair copyright entry is for the purpose of merchandise, while the first is for music recordings.

fringeobsessed said...

Anonymous regarding Kiki's album: Yes, we are aware of 4 purchased in the US so far, but as far as I know only Kiki has stepped up and posted(thanks for that Kiki!)

Anonymous reagarding the copyrights: Thanks for the info. Do we have any other people reading who could further enlighten us on the Constant Bickering, LLC info?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if there's much more mystery to discover... I think you've provided enough information to prove that the album was created to tie in with the Wired article. That said, Fringe was on the air then so it's possible there is Fringe-related stuff on the album somewhere (along with the missing Track 6 from Side 2, which is probably hidden in an extra groove.)

Matthew M said...

Still can't friend it. How many copies did they release. The only store near me that even knew what I was talking about says they still never received it after being told they would receive it. Not right, just not right. I want a copy!

fringeobsessed said...

Me too, Matthew. Don't give up. Keep looking.
The original TV Line article deosn't say how many albums were released. I kinda picture a couple to each region, but that's a guess.

Anonymous said...

I just looked on eBay. There is one for sale at $133. Looks like the real deal. Nine days left for bidding. What do you guys think? Is this one of the real albums?

Brown Cat said...

The 13th Tone reference reminds me of rumored interpretations of the tritone, or dissonant tone, in history (the devil's tone). The 'doomsday' machine is a wave-synch device, isn't it? Intended to sync the two dimensions? All waves would have to be synchronized, including sound. Kind of contradictory--that a sync devise would also be considered a doomsday device. Maybe result is not one or the other but a new dimension that is a product of the merger of the present two? Would be kind of like a discovery of the 13th tone, maybe.

Anonymous said...

The Tritone interval has nothing to do with 13 tones. A tritone is something completely different. It is a very real, tangible thing. A tritione is not theoretical. A tritone interval is simply a flat 5, which is the result of an augmented 4th. In Western music there are eleven tones with the 12th being the octave of the first tone. A 13 tone scale in Western music, or any other scale would be an anomaly. Scales are based on multiplying and dividing vibrations or Hertz. The division and multiplication of these tones is called tempering. The number 13 would not fit in to such an equation very simply in the World as we know it. It is likely that a parallel universe exists with a 13 note scale. Get it?

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