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Fringe Episode 311: Reciprocity

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When the Fringe Team visits Massive Dynamic’s assembly of doomsday device, Walter becomes greatly concerned for Peter’s well-being, so he turns to Nina for added brain power to understand the relationship between Peter and the superweapon. Meanwhile, the discovery of a dead body triggers an intense investigation.

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Anonymous said...

Does it feel like they are putting to much into the episodes at this point? It feels rushed or forced. I like the show, but could they be trying to finish the story just in case the show is canceled?

Atomik Akorn Design said...

did anyone else notice the flickering of something in walter's eye during this episode between 00:12:09:00 and 00:12:12:00? Or was that just my imagination?

mamasan said...

Atomik,I have noticed that his right eye has been flickering! In White Tulip it was more pronounced than before, and I reckon it has been flickering unnoticed since the beginning.

It' great to have someone else notice it too!!

My theory is that it is related to the missing brain pieces William Bell took from Walter and that he may have some kind of bionic eye, a bit like Nina's arm.
(Check out my comments in the White Tulip comments section) and thereafter in other subsequent episodes.

I also think the right pupil is slightly lower in the iris than the left, which could be a natural trait unique to the actor John Noble.

I can't wait til some more information on the flicker is reveealed. Squeeee!!!

mamasan said...

see my comment under "Olivia" season three ep 1 also.

Jamie said...

Besides the great story telling and amazing actors, I appreciate that Fringe doesn't beat around the bush about the Peter/Olivia relationship. I hate how other shows drag out the relationship stuff for as long as they possibly can. While there is a lot going on in their relationship (or lack thereof), at least we don't have to wait for weeks to see what is happening between them. Every episode since Olivia came back to this side, we have been able to look at what is happening in their relationship and how alt-Olivia is affecting them both. Great characterization!

Anonymous said...

why did fauxlivia make a code out of the names? did she want someone to find it? did she want Peter to figure it out? I like when Walter get whipped cream all over himself:))

Handful of sky said...

Haven't seen much (any) speculation on this,but what if Faulivia's P.B. stands for Phillip Broyles?

pixiedustkaty said...

Perhaps jumping to the conclusion that Peter's interaction with the machine has to be a bad thing is unwise. Recalling ancient descriptions of mystics uniting with the divine creative energy.. it's often described as being "on fire", "lightning shooting from eyes", and persons being too "luminous" to comfortably watch. Perhaps Peter will connect with creative energy via the machine and create another universe without harming himself in any way besides being somewhat luminous from within. Doesn't triangulation lead to stability and balance? That could be why The Observers keep stressing how important Peter is in the scope of both universes.

Douglas B said...

Loved how when Walter starts showing monkey traits, he holds up a magnifying glass which from our view gives him a huge upper lip. :)

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