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Conference Call with John Noble and Christopher Lloyd

      Email Post       1/21/2011 06:26:00 PM      

Today was a first for me. I had the privilege of joining today's media conference call with John Noble and Christopher Lloyd. It was a very upbeat 30 minutes I'll never forget.

Noteworthy was the plug to watch an all-new Fringe tomorrow night which was announced at both the beginning and end of the call.(The Fringe Fridays folks should be happy.) Now no one in the greater US media can say they didn't know about tomorrow's new episode airing!

Most of the questions were directed at Christopher Lloyd, who was charming and polite, and did his best to answer them all. You could really tell he and John Noble enjoyed their time working together. We learned that Christopher Lloyd doesn't really play the piano, but hopes he faked it alright. We learned that he took real life accounts of friends who at one or another were 'on the fringe,' and injected them into his Fringe character, Roscoe Joyce. Someone also asked Lloyd if he were offered steady acting work if he would take it. He replied that if someone offered for him to return in the role as that character(Joyce) with good writers, "I'd jump at it."

John Noble repeatedly relayed how much he enjoyed working with Christopher Lloyd.

Someone asked him if they exchanged 'mad scientist notes' which got a huge laugh out of John.

The juiciest question was whether we'd see more Walternate and Over There in the future.

John replied by saying Walternate's character would be further developed, and we'd find out why he is the way he is.


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