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New Violet Sedan Chair Video Appears Today On YouTube

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Today could have been named National Violet Sedan Chair Day due to all the new publicity regarding the band created by Fringe co-creator JJ Abrams.

First, there was Michael Ausiello's TV Line post yesterday(See article further down) regarding the release of Violet Sedan Chair's vinyl album "Seven Suns" to certain record stores nationwide, which I know for a fact generated phone calls today to record venues all over the nation.

Also today, a new video appeared on You Tube entitled "Violet Sedan Chair," by vidder AnonymousNewsNtwrkTV. And folks, it is chock full of symbols, numbers, Morse Code via flashlight, creative z-straps, and other oddities.

Watch the video below and leave your impressions. Kudos to those who take the time to translate the Morse Code, and, all of the other stuff. Will any or all of it tie into our beloved TV show? I'm guessing most of it will. Happy Clue Hunting!


Anonymous said...

This video was posted on YouTube about a year ago and recently reposted where you found it. I suspect that means it is not Fringe related.

jess said...

it is a bit creepy, i love it

FringeFan said...

How do we know it was REALLY posted a year ago?

mjbanks said...


Mr Goode said...

This video was created by myself and Mr Orwell; we represent the Time Travellers Guild. This video was stolen by AnonymousTV and is in no way related to Fringe , for the record.

Anonymous said...

It was a cool video. I enjoyed watching the sedan go zoom. Cool stuff around here.
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