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Saturday Night Fringe Encores & Baseball Hiatus *UPDATED*

      Email Post       10/09/2010 03:58:00 PM      

For the next 6 weeks, Fox will showing encore episodes of Fringe (i.e. repeats) on Saturdays at 11:00PM (10:00 Central). "Saturday Night Fringe" will kick off with "Over There, Part 1".

In the regular Fringe time slot, we only have one new episode left before baseball takes over FOX (NLCS and World Series). If the NLCS ends in 4 games or less, there will be an encore of "Peter" on 10/21.

UPDATE: If the World Series wraps up in less than 7 games, we WILL have a new episode on 11/4 (titled "Amber 31422"), otherwise new Fringe episodes will resume on 11/11.


Anne said...

just began and already a hiatus?? come on american people, don't do this to me! How can I wait for till 11/11?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!! Not cool. A hiatus so soon after the season premier is a great way to lose an audience... Especially when the storylines have not been nearly as strong as past seasons. The writers better be able to recapture our attention before the show gets canceled.

Anonymous said...

They should put the sports crap on their fox sports channel! All of these major networks are starting to piss me off.

Anonymous said...

"Come on American people, don't do this to me!"

Really, Anne> You blame all the American people because YOU can't watch a TV when you want to?

Childish. Be happy America even makes decent shows every once in a while and is happy to share it with the world. geez.

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