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Fringe Easter Eggs: Glyphs in The Firefly

      Email Post       1/21/2011 10:05:00 PM      

The Glyphs code in the Fringe episode The Firefly spelled out UNITES.

For more information on the Fringe Glyphs, check out Fringepedia's Glyph / Symbols page, which has all the previous glyphs and codes.


ParisD said...

Can't figure this one out. Is it Altlivia's possible pregnancy, uniting the two sides? Is it Walter and the Observers being united in a common willingness to let Peter die if necessary? Is it that the rekindled trust between Peter and Olivia unites them again? Thus one isn't as clear. Then again, the writers are getting a little shadier than in the past as well. Notice that nobody September was looking upon at the end of Marionette ended up dead. "He's still...alive." Uh huh. He is now too.

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