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Tales from the Fringe Paperback Release Pushed to February

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Tales from the Fringe Paperback Release Pushed to February By Sam McPherson on January 12th, 2011

It was originally slated to hit at the end of this month, but now it seems that fans will have to wait just a bit longer for the compilation volume Tales from the Fringe. The graphic novel, made up of the six year's of last year's eponymous comic series, was originally slated for a January 20 release. Now, it seems, fans will have to wait an additional month to get their hands on the book. A new release date, slated for February 22, has been posted on Amazon.

The most recent comic was released just this month, which is a possible explanation for the compilation's tardiness.

I'll be providing a full review of Tales from the Fringe in the days leading up to the graphic novel's release next month, but I will tell you that it's certainly worth the buy for any fan of Fringe: character backgrounds of characters like Olivia, Peter, Broyles, Nina, and Astrid are fully fleshed out, and Gene the cow has an awesome storyline himself. The 144-page novel will also be peppered with mini Fringe cases, which deal with everything from zombies to sea monsters. It's all up to the Fringe-set standard of weird, believe me.

You can pre-order Tales from the Fringe on Amazon for $10.11.
amazon.com link:

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