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Operations "Fringe Fridays" and "White Tulip" from the Fringe Network

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Fringe fans? We need to unite. And quickly!
As we move closer to our favorite show's new night and timeslot on Friday, January 21st, it's imparative that the number of viewers watching the show while it airs is as high as it can possibly be to send the FOX execs the message that WE LOVE FRINGE!

And there are other ways to promote Fringe in order to increase its viewership.
Recently the Fringe Network hit the internet. Formed by a group of graphically-gifted Fringe fans, this group's goal is to increase the show's exposure worldwide. There are several groups within this group. The most active one is the Fringe Movement(TFM).

Currently TFM has 2 hot projects in the works:1) Fringe Fridays and 2)Operation White Tulip.
The Fringe Fridays campaign is aimed at inundating the internet with the message to watch Fringe live on 1/21. You may have seen some of the nifty new posters members have posted recetly on tumblr.com.

The second project intrigues me. "Operation White Tulip" involves sending as many postcards as possible to FOX President Kevin Reilly by January 21st, thanking him for Fringe. There is even talk of the Fringe Network staff sending real bouquets of white tulips to executive producers Jeff Pinkner and JH Wyman(Please send us pictures of this, Fringe Network people!).

How can you help? There is still time to help the Fringe Network/The Fringe Movement with both the Fringe Fridays and Operation White Tulip projects.

1. Tell everyone you know to tune into Fringe this Friday. The Fringe Network has suggestions on how to use the internet to accomplish this.

2. Click on the "Operation White Tulip" section and send an email to the Fringe Network.(See link below). They replied fairly quickly to me with a friendly note and postcard templates for the notes for Mr. Reilly. You'll also receive a monthly newsletter.

United, we fans can make the live viewing numbers go up, and therefore make a difference.

The Fringe Network website: http://www.fringenetwork.com/


Anonymous said...

im using mine as my facebook profile pic.

Anonymous said...

I changed my profile pic to my initials in Fringe glyphs. :-)

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