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Fringe Press Kit For Friday Move

      Email Post       1/21/2011 06:54:00 PM      

To commemorate Fringe's move to Friday nights, Fox sent out boxes with a very special surprise inside.

The box, marked "Property of Water Bishop", also has a label "Fringe is Moving - Fri Jan 21 -9/8c FOX".

Inside the box is a letter from Fox, explaining that the box is from Dr. Walter Bishop, who is entrusting us with one of his favorite snacks.

And that snack, of course, is Red Vines - a whole tub of them. Just in time for tonight's episode!

The tub also contains a message:

Please look after these for me. We can enjoy these together on Friday. - Walter

If you haven't decided on a snack for tonight's episode, why don't you join me in eating a handful (or two) of Red Vines!


JuliDG said...

You are so lucky Dennis :)

fringeobsessed said...

Yes, he certainly is. :)
I believe I have some in the pantry. I'll raise one up to you Dennis, as "Firefly" starts.

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