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Fringe Season 1 DVD and Blu-Ray Out Today

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The Fringe Season 1 Blu-ray & DVDs come out today. But, before you head off to your local video store, you may want to consider your "exclusive bonus" options.

Best Buy is featuring an exclusive mini-comic book.

UPDATE: The comic book is essentially a combination of the Fringe Preview Comic from ComicCon 08, some of the Fringe Preview Comic profiles (Charlie, John Scott, and Nina are missing...), and the first Bishop & Bell comic - "Like Minds".

Target is including a bonus DVD which includes the 30 minute Q&A session at PaleyFest 09. You can see a 5-minute preview of the video at the PaleyFest website

If you are planning to order from Amazon, you can order them here:
The DVD box set is very nicely packaged. The slip-cover features a lenticular design that changes between the faces and the symbols when you look at it from different angles. The actual DVDs are housed in a plastic case that allows you to flip throught the seven discs (eight with the bonus DVD). Each of the DVDs are adorned with one of the Fringe Symbols. There is also a 16 page episode guide booklet, with photos and brief summaries.

The Blu-ray is packaged identically to the DVD, with the exception that there are only 5 discs instead of 7. (you don't get the smoke, hand, or apple)


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