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What Would You Ask: Jasika Nicole?

      Email Post       9/21/2009 11:23:00 AM      

The always-jubilant Jasika Nicole has agreed to an exclusive FringeTelevision.com interview about Astrid Farnsworth and her experience shooting Season 2 in Vancouver. Which means I need your questions! Leave them in the comments below.


Judge Suzy said...

Please ask Jasika Nicole the following:

Many fans would like to see your character, Astrid Farnsworth, leave the lab for an episode and somehow get involved in a paranomal event. Personally, I think it would be fun if your character was at the centre of the paranomal event (rather than investigate it) -- perhaps somehow interacting with the Observer.

I understand that you are quite creative and write comic books. If your character gets to leave the lab for an episode, what would you like to happen to your character?

Unknown said...

I would ask Jasika if she's enjoying the experience of being in Vancouver and what she rather: a drama or a comedy character.

politicaltragic said...

Please ask Ms. Nicole what are some of the major differences between filming in New York and filming in Vancouver. Has she had to find a new favorite coffee shop? How would she describe working with John Noble?

Gil_Cdn said...

Please ask Jasika:

How would you portrait the growth of the character Astrid now that she has experienced all these gruesome, unimaginable, bizzar cases in Season 1?

Gil_Cdn said...

How is it like working with John Noble? Is the real John as unpredicatble as Walter Bishop?

ivoreece said...

I would ask Jasika if she's laughing about John's jokes during the filmig? He seems to be so funny and I guess many takes must be done for the scenes, when she as Astrid is speaking with John as Dr. Walter Bishop. :)

ivoreece said...

.... I mean "filming", not "filmig" :D

Anonymous said...

I would ask her what her favorite "wrong name" that Walter used for her was her favorite.(Mine is "Asterisk")

Vesica said...

I would be curious to know if she and any of the other crew come up with their own "wrong names".

Personally, I have a running bet if Astroglide is ever going to make it into the mix.

cjones1050 said...

how old is her character..and is her character from florida or ohio?

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