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FringeBusters 201: A New Day In The Old Town

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For each episode of Fringe, Popular Mechanics asks experts to analyzes the science of Fringe, and separate the science fact from the science fiction.

For "A New Day In The Old Town," PM consults neurologist Justin Sattin, to discuss head trauma:
"This whole idea that people pop out of a coma is silly," Sattin says. "People recover slowly from these kinds of injuries. But again, if you are at the point when you are talking about end-of-life care, the idea that you're just going to defy the odds and suddenly open up your eyes is incongruous. That the woman in the show would have impending herniation but yet not be mechanically ventilated and then suddenly wake up normal is preposterous."
Mr. Sattin had no comment on shape-shifting soldiers from alternate realities.

You can read the full article a Popular Mechanics: Fringe Season Two Premiere Misrepresents Head Trauma

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Judge Suzy said...

When watching the show I didn't focus on Olivia's possible "brain herniation".

Since the physician's diagnosis wasn't definative, I assumed that Oliva's lack of reaction to external stimuli was caused by her essence being trapped/delayed in a different universe. I simply figured that the diagnosis was wrong all along and we (the viewers) were simply waiting for her mind to return to this universe and catch up with her physical body (which came hurtling through the windshield).

Popular Mech. almost got it right by consulting a neurologist, but if we refer to the new title sequence, I think what's happening here deals with "neuroscience", and more specifically congative neuroscience.

Melissa said...

I was really confused when Olivia's sister was talking to Peter about taking her off the machines and whatnot, but when he went into the room it didn't look like there was anything keeping her alive, just monitoring her.

Favorite sentence in this whole thing though is: "Mr. Sattin had no comment on shape-shifting soldiers from alternate realities."

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