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Happy Fringe Day!

      Email Post       9/17/2009 08:37:00 AM      

It's been 128 days since the Season 1 finale of Fringe, but I believe tonight's episode is worth the wait.

If you are just joining us in the world of Fringe, tonight's episode will try to cover all the bases and explain who's who, but we will have our very own Fringe Season One summary coming soon. Plus, we'll have a "Fringe guide" that will let you dive deeper into the show's clues and mythology, so stay tuned!

Don't forget we'll be doing a live chat during and after the episode, so check back later for the details.

Thursday is going to be a tough night, with so many other great shows. I assume if you are reading this that you will be watching Fringe "live", but what show will you be missing (or Tivoing, as the case may be).

What show will you miss watching "live" now that Fringe is on Thusdays?


Anonymous said...

Not 30 Rock. It's The Office/Community

Anonymous said...

It feels like Fringemas today!

The poll left out PBS. In my market, "Globe Treker" is the Thursday PM counterpoint to FRINGE... if the TV is even on. Sadly - GT does not hold a candle to Fringe.

Ethan's Mommy said...

Tough call, but I will be recording The Office b/c my husband likes to watch that too but isn't home when it's on. So, Fringe, live, it is.

Dennis said...

The Community will be moving to 8:00 when 30 Rock returns.

Margie said...

I don't know how I am going to work it out. But My TV is going to be ON viewing and recording. I take internet video conferences courses at the same time. I think I will record my courses from now on and watch and listen to them after 10pm. I don't mind about other programs at the same time. For me FRINGE is First and is always going to be FIRST. The actors and actresses, specially Anna, are brilliant performers. She reminds me so much of Liv Ullman. For me they deserve all my attention. The writers are just fantastic. The FXs, scenes cuts, photography, everything is amazing. I wish them all a great season. Can't wait for tonite's show. I am really going to miss Kirk Acevedo if he doesn't show up this season. He is great. Charlie is indispensable in the detectives team. Lots of success to the involved personnel in this show.

Unknown said...

It doesn't make sense for Fringe to be opposite both CSI and The Mentalist. I understand why it follows Bones, that makes sense. But, it is crazy to be up against two strong shows. It would make more sense to have Bones followed by Fringe on an evening that they could dominate.

Anonymous said...

It won't interfere with anything. I do not watch TV anymore unless there's actually something good on to take time to sit down and watch as it airs. "Fringe" is one of three shows that I watch as they air on TV (the other two being "Lost" and "Chuck").

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