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Fringe Episode 202: Night Of Desirable Objects

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A highway construction worker in rural Pennsylvania goes missing when he is mysteriously drawn into an underground tunnel filled with human remains. Meanwhile, back in the lab, Walter is attempting to simulate travel between realities on frogs. When it's discovered that the disappearance in Pennsylvania is not an isolated incident, the Fringe team travels to the crime scene to unearth evidence
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ruby rose Francesca 7M said...

is that john hurt?

Anonymous said...

Music from Night of Desirable Objects

Does anybody know what the last song in this episode was? It was when Olivia walks into the bowling alley. I'd sure appreciate your help!

KRoof said...

Alright, second week in a row that the new female agent picks up a Bible. There were two distinct crosses: one hanging on the wall and the other on the prayer cabinet window. There was also a statuette of the Holy Mother. How much attention should we be paying to religious/Christian symbollism and scripture parallels?

Anonymous said...

Hi:) does anybody know if there will be anymore Walter's lab notes this season?

Glenn said...

The song was "Dear Mr. Fantasy" by Traffic from their 1967 album 'Mr Fantasy'

IHP said...

Episode title is wrong. Shouldn't be last week's "New Day In Old Town"

Anonymous said...

Great to see John Savage again!

Dennis said...


Yep, that's what happens when you copy/paste at 1AM! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little disappointed to find the writing in the first two episodes of the season to be alternately neglectful and facile.

The biggest issues for me in this second episode all had to do with this evil mutant-scorpion-mole-baby/child or whatever it was.

Number 1 : If the baby was born a monster, why did they think it was just dead and bury it? Did the father bury it? If he did, how the heck did he get away with burying a live monster baby?

Number 2 : Ok, so somehow this mutant baby is buried and digs out of it's grave - How did it find it's way back to it's father's house? Did the father bring it back there? That seems unlikely since they imply at the end that he only later figured out that it was his child and set bear traps for it around his house.

Number 3 : They said that the missing people where all visited by the father of the mutant baby. Did they ever explain why the people were then killed by the mutant baby? Did it follow its father to their houses?

Number 4 : They never really explained why this mutant scorpion thing eats people. And if it was part scorpion, they never showed its "stinger"....not very scientific if you ask me.

Can anyone explain these things to me?

Anonymous said...

he went to visit two of the families after the people had already gone missing. he probably felt guilty b/c he knew it was his son that had taken them.

Anonymous said...

did anyone notice the error in the dates? Hughes says his wife and son died 17 years ago. that is consistent with that newspaper cliping Jessup finds inside the Bible (September 18, 1992). but then in the tombstones the date is November 1, 1991

NickW said...

I think the thing that bothered me the most was the previews for this week (unless I'm mistaken) showed more of Olivia and Bell with Olivia jumping out the window at the WTC. For none of that to happen was pretty misleading.

Mr. Duez said...

Did anyone notice that this episode looked so much like the X-Files episode called "Home?"

Same kind of themes... and man it even seemed like the same HOUSE. Is it possible? They are shooting now in Vancouver where the X-Files were done.

Am I crazy?

Jones said...

Actually the house was also used in the episode of Supernatural called "Family Remains". While watching Fringe I started to notice the house looked familiar. So I looked back at the Supernatural episode and yep, it's the same house. Pretty interesting. Three different shows and the same house. I wonder where it actually is. It'd be cool to find out.

I thought I was kind of nuts for noticing this but I guess I'm not the only one.

KRoof said...

Annonymous with the 4 issues,

In regards to your fourth issue and the fact that the monster-boy did not have a stinger, Walter thought that the father used scorpion DNA to replace sections of the child's DNA while he was still in the womb. If you have Fringe Season 1 on Blu-ray, there is a special feature that discusses this concept of DNA replacement. One primary example was using jellyfish DNA in pigs thus making the pigs glow in the dark. The jellyfish DNA does not give the pigs stinging tentacles, it just gave them one attribute of the jellyfish. In the same manner, the boy was given scorpion DNA, which does not mean he had to have a stinger. He simply gained the attribute of "being able to survive harsh envrionments" as it was engineered into his DNA.

Capcom said...

Mr. Duez, when I saw the house I thought, "Oh no, the Peacocks!" and waited for the Johnny Mathis song to start. :o)

Anonymous said...

I noticed the similarity to the X-files too. In fact I told a friend before he saw it that it was an X-file show

Mare' said...

I noticed that house too but more importantly I've seen this story before on Fringe!!!! The Wasp, The Bat, The Gila Monster And The Tiger!! Are the writers running out of ideas?! This was a good show but so far this season sucks. Real bad! Its sad cause the show had potential. I truly hope it picks up fast or like Lost it will turn into another nuisance on TV.

Mare' said...

I just looked at the x files Home episode, its the same house same creature boy thing. Wow! What happened to the Fringe writers?!

Anonymous said...

I really love Olivia's superhearing especially as shown with the closeup of her ear in the scene where she was at home in the tub. I'm hoping that in future episodes there will be more of Olivia's superhearing, preferably shown as a closeup of her ear rather than weird and revolving camera angles.

David Makar said...

I can't believe they think Boston/Cambridge is close to rural PA! Back and forth about 4 times. Is that realistic? Wouldn't they do a mobile lab or the research in Philly?

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