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Fringe Season 2 Press Kit

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Fringe Season 2 Press KitFox recently sent out Fringe Season 2 press kits to journalists et. al. The large black box which arrived a few days ago was wrapped in a mini-version of the Fringe Season 2 poster. Inside the box were the following items:
  • An introduction letter "signed" by J.J. Abrams, Jeff Pinkner, Joel Wyman, and Akiva Goldsman
  • A DVD of the Fringe Season 2 premiere episode - "A New Day In The Old Town"
  • A crystal cube featuring the faces of Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, and John Noble (?!?)
  • A four-page replica of the "New York Post" newspaper seen in William Bell's office in the S1 finale
  • A typed letter as seen in the Season 2 premiere episode (SPOILER ALERT!)
I can't really talk about the episode without getting all spoilery, but I will say WOW! Here are some photos/scans of some of the items in the box.

Fringe Crystal Cube

The newspaper has TONS of interesting content, which I'll post more about soon. The Season 2 "Spoiler" Letter is something that will be seen in the upcoming season premiere episode, so I have not posted it here, but you can see it over at our new site

Also, You can also see photos of Fringe Season 1 Press kit here.


Dani said...

So jealous! That cube is PRETTY.
Damn I wanna see A New Day In The Old Town so much!
Just tell us one thing.
Is the new girl as annoying as she looks? xD

Mandy said...


How can I be as cool as you to get press kits? ;-)

Thanks for sharing!

Dennis said...

Come work for FringeTelevision? ;)

Mark O. Estes said...

I seriously wouldn't mind working for Fringe Television. Please tell me where to sign up?!?!?!

Liz1997 said...

Whoa.I want one of those press kits SO SO SO SO SO can I get one?:D

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