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Fringe Time Line: Crossing Over With Olivia Dunham

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Olivia's trip to the Alternate Reality seemed to be cut and dry at the end of the Season 1 finale "There's More That One Of Everything". However, as Joshua Jackson explains in this video, that "what you think you saw at the end of season 1, is not at all what actually happened."

Here is a time line of events of what we think happened (our reality on the left, alternate reality on the right):

The shape shifter waits for Olivia to pass by, so he could crash into her.

In "There's More Than One Of Everything", we see Olivia swerve to avoid the accident.

However, if you listen to the audio, you can clearly hear that accident did take place, and Olivia has crossed over into an alternate reality but does not realize it.

Olivia continues in the alternate reality to her meeting with William Bell at the Mutsumi Hotel. When Bell is no show, Olivia enters the elevator to leave the hotel.

Originally we thought this is where she crossed over to the alternate universe, but if she is already there, maybe she is teleporting to the World Trade Center. A similar blue light was seen when David Robert Jones escaped from Wissenschaft Prison.

Olivia meets with William Bell. The rest of the conversation will be coming soon.

Olivia violently returns to our reality.

I think the elevator ride is where things get a little confusing. What do you think happened to Olivia?


fringefreak said...

there may be more then two universes. It looked like she was travelling through many realities in the elevator.

Unknown said...

I really like your theory of the teleport elevator. It makes a lot of sense and it is more in the line of what the scribe of the show told us in the media (only two worlds).

When Olivia call Nina Sharp, they say that she left the country. I believe there is only one William Bell and only one Nina Sharp for both those worlds. But the company must be administrate in each world so Nina is in our world and William is in the other.

Anonymous said...

in reference to one Nina & one William
that is TRUE, and has been said on a spoiler somewhere that the two cannot be in the same place at the same time, we don't know why exactly but it's true!
i like the explanation here too, the elevator thing was misleading but now it makes more sense! ALSO in the episode202 preview, we see olivia jumping out of the building? glass and all, maybe that's when the meeting was stopped, when WALTER touched the car, then she had to go back to reality.. or something.. idk.
but thanks for clearing this up! it's been on discussion all week!

Judge Suzy said...

When Oliiva served, our Oliva was not involved in a car accident. The audio of the accident is a glips from another multi-verse: an Olivia from a different multi-verse getting into an accident.

Our Olivia is sensitive -- she can see and hear what is going on in other multi-verses.

I think the elevator is the teleportation device and agree that Olivia was travelling through the multi-verse when she took the elevator ride.

Judge Suzy said...

Oh yeah, perhas when our Olivia returned via the car windsheild, she did not return to our universe, but another multi-verse.

Dennis said...

Jeff Pinkner clears up a couple of things in this video.

#1 - There are only TWO alternate realities:

"In string theory, there are infinite alternate universes, but we've treated it as two, trying not to bite off more than we can chew."

#2 - The elevator must be a teleportation device, because between the alternate realities,:

"There is a one-to-one time correlation, and also geography. If you are in NY in the alternate reality, you are in NY here. "

ChechaKV said...

I think Olivia crosses to the other universe when she dodges the car crash. In her reality, she actually crashed (as we see in season 2). But that moment of stress makes her cross, and when she's in the hotel waiting for Nina, she is already in another universe. The thing taht's confusing is the blue light in the elevator. I think there she crosses between different universes. But the primary cross (the one that will lead her to William Bell) has happened when she thinks she dodged the shapeshifter's car.

ChechaKV said...

The only problem is the one of space: if Olivia is in a hotel that's buildt on the ground zero for us, then how does she knows it exists when Nina calls her the day prior to the reunion? There has to be a space travel as well. Otherwise, there's something that doesn't click here.

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