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The Season 1 finale of Fringe "There Is More Than One Of Everything" featured a look into the alternate reality where William Bell is living (hiding?). Bell's office, located in NYC's World Trade Center, suggests that events in this Earth Prime have played out a little differently than in our reality. The most powerful example in Bell's world: instead of the Twin Towers being destroyed on 9/11, it was the White House.

The newspaper shown on William Bell's desk hints at some other "roads not taken". Included in the Fringe Season 2 press kit was a 4-page replica of the newspaper from another world. Below are scans/photos of the entire paper. The "New York News" contains the following alternate realities. There are too many items to cover individually, but some of the more intersting ones are:
  • Former Pres. Kenedy to Address UN - John F. Kennedy is still alive, set to talk to UN about "ex-deceased citizens"
  • NTSB Withholds transcript from Flight 718 Black Box - Flight 718 was the plane that crashed in the Fringe episode The Transformation.
  • Kelvin Genetics Moves HQ to Manhattan - Kelvin Genetics is the company that Dr. Walter Bishop worked for with William Bell.
  • Weather Report - "No corrective action by NWS expected" - Weather can now be controlled by the government
  • Cartoon - Solar, Wind, and Oil made obsolete by Zero-Point Energy - an alternate energy source developed by Massive Dynamic.
  • Genetically Engineered pets
  • FDA approves facial landscaping - a facial reconstruction technique developed by Intrepus. David Esterbrook, the R&D officer at Intrepus is also mentioned. Intrepus and Esterbrook can be seen in the Fringe episode The Cure.
  • Star Trek is still the top movie at the box office :)
  • Daily Horoscopes - all seem to apply to Olivia Dunham...
  • Massive Dynamic Ad - There's no mention of the R.E.M. pod on the Massive Dynamic website...
  • Crossword Puzzle - If anyone wants to solve this and send in the answers, maybe there are some clues hidden in it?
  • Bar code - The bar code on the back page is 09172009 002 - as in 9/17/2009, Season 2


damiangarcia92 said...

I noticed some hidden glyphs in the Daily Horoscope section.
Aries-Ram Horn glyph
Gemini-Apple glyph
Capricorn-Seahorse glyph
Pisces-Frog glyph

Observer in background in Obama picture, article "Obamas prepare to occupy new white house".

Overall interesting newspaper, like the way everything changed. If I have time I can try out the crossword puzzle, but I'm not too skilled at those haha.

Grace said...

The crossword is pretty easy, though nothing in it stood out to me as revealing anything new about the show/AU (besides just dealing with general themes of Fringe)

Alex said...

Electric Mayhem drummer= ANIMAL!!

Dennis said...

Nice catch Damian!

Mandy said...

Looks like Lennon is still alive. :)

Blinky & Clyde, weren't those two of the ghost names in Pac-Man? The two others were Inky and Pinky.

I guess I should start working on this...

Caren Tarvin said...

Scientists discover new life form at the bottom of the ocean is a Cloverfield viral/Slusho reference.

One clue for "VIRUS" in the crossword is H2n12, suggesting this reality has faced the swine flu many times.

Caren Tarvin said...

Harrison is still alive as well.

ForeignAwareness said...

Looks normal to me. I don't get it.

Scanning in a sideways copy of the NYN is supposed to be scary or something? Pretty lame.

But God help us that we have ended up with Obama... he makes a good speech about honoring Nixon's legacy, but this debacle of a healthcare they rammed through ought to make it pretty clear he's basically an outright socialist. A single government agency paying all Americans healthcare expenses?? This thing is going to be WAY OVER BUDGET, it very well might turn the budget surplus Bush left us into a deficit. Dems. are going to pay come November!

Also, I'm having trouble connecting to the NBC video site (Hullu.com), just a dumb placeholder comes up. Did NBC take their streaming video site down and not tell anyone? I missed Fringe last night so this makes me very unhappy :-( :-(

Charles said...

Verizon, shut up. No one cares about your political ranting here.

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