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Fringe Observiews 5.05 An Origin Story

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Welcome to the Observiews for Season 5 of Fringe. I call them Observiews because they are more visual observations than deep thinking reviews, if that makes sense.
Screen caps from this episode are taken from Dialog is from

All observations are mine and therefore could be totally off the wall and/or wrong. I have not read or looked at any recaps or reviews. I could also have missed a few things, oh well…

1.10 Safe
WALTER: "Think back 20 years - imagine yourself then, imagining yourself now - 20 years into the future. In your wildest imagination, could you ever think you'd be here?"

I don't think they could have imagined then where they would be now. 

4.21 Brave New World Part 1
WILLIAM BELL: "Since the last move... about twenty years. In this game, the skill one must have above all else is patience. The board changes, but very slowly. The art of chess -- the art -- is knowing when a piece is most valuable, and then, in that very moment, being willing to sacrifice it. For in the vacuum created by the loss of what is most precious, opportunity abounds, influence is maximized, and desire becomes destiny. For example, on this board, the most valuable piece is the Bishop. Therefore, for the game to be won..."
DAVID JONES: "...the Bishop must be sacrificed."

This piece of dialog is right in more than one ways. 
- Since the last move... about twenty years
The team was in amber for about 20 years and nothing had been done. I'm talking about the original Fringe team and I'm not dismissing Etta's efforts and successes at all. 
-For in the vacuum created by the loss of what is most precious
Etta is gone
- desire becomes destiny
now the fight is really on.
- the most valuable piece is the Bishop
That was Etta because of her connections to the Resistance. It is Peter because of his determination and actions taken in this episode. It is Olivia because she wants the same as Peter. It is Walter because he has the plan. 
- the Bishop must be sacrificed
Etta already sacrificed herself. But I'm afraid there will be more out of the Bishop family (Peter, Walter or Olivia) who could meet that same demise. 
But I'm getting episodes ahead of myself...

Glyphs spelled: FIGHT
As in the fight against the Observers. As in the fight to keep Olivia's and Peter's relationship together. 

Peter is looking through Etta's things while Olivia is resting. 
Peter holding up Etta's picture to Olivia.
Like mother, like daughter. Can I just say that I'm glad Olivia got some rest. 

On the wall is hanging a photo of Pinocchio. What meaning could this have, other than what Peter is going to find in a second?

Peter opens a drawer. Inside is a tin with "Bluebell soap".
The soap is made in Scotland, so was it a gift from Simon or Anil? Just saying, lol.
Or is there a different implication? Like the word: "Bell". You know what I mean
On the table is a snow globe as well. This one is from Boston.
We've had them from New York City in 2.04 Momentum Deferred
And also from Chicago in 5.01 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

A button opens up a secret compartment behind the photo on the wall.
PETER: "That's my girl!"
Etta hid guns, C-4 and anti matter batons.

Olivia wakes up.
OLIVIA: "I fell asleep. I keep waking up and thinking that I'm dreaming this terrible thing and then I realize that it's not a dream."
I was thinking back to 5.01 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
PETER: "It's like living this beautiful dream... inside of a horrible nightmare."
Well, it sort of turned into a nightmare. 

OLIVIA: "Why would we get her back just to lose her again?"
Without meaning to be callous I was thinking back to 4.01 Neither Here Nor There where Walter was exclaiming that: "people die. It happens. Sometimes they die even twice." At least to Olivia, Etta had died twice. 

Olivia finds herself looking in the mirror again.
She is probably still thinking along the lines of what she said to Peter. In disbelieve that they lost Etta. 
In 5.02 In Absentia she (also) just woke up from a nightmare, recalling the day Etta disappeared. 
Were her thoughts here more like, "I can't believe we found her after all this time?"
And just as she looked at the pictures on the shelf in 5.02 In Absentia, she is doing it here again.
I'm sure she was wondering how Etta grew up with this family in 5.02 In Absentia. Would she try to find the family and inform them of Etta's death? 

Meanwhile in Manhattan.
The sign says "Brown Shirt Cafe". I was recalling Roscoe Joyce from 3.10 The Firefly
ROSCOE JOYCE: "He was in a... brown shirt." 
Does this mean anything? I don't know. That's just what came to mind when I saw the sign. 

The other thing that stood out was "lumineux"
Strange things are happening.
Then the caravan arrives.
Reminded me of 1.20 There's More Than One Of Everything when David Robert Jones and his gang pulled up. 
Nice color line up: green, red and blue newspaper and mail boxes. 
Oh and yellow is there as well. The line on the street. 
The Observer with the specs.
Just like 2.08 August
I think I said it last week already but don't mind saying it again: I miss August.
And the notebook
I miss September as well. This one if from 1.04 The Arrival.

The Observers are setting something up.
The number says: BC 327. Sort of keep that in mind for later, I think...

A cube is activated.
I think you know where I'm going with this. 1.20 There's More Than One Of Everything
David Robert Jones tried to open a door to the other side. 
And sure enough - here it goes.
Even with all the Observers standing around, I was totally shocked that they opened it. I really thought the Fringe team would do that to go back and change the future. Silly me...

Cargo comes through.
Again, I thought of how the truck came through in 1.20 There's More Than One Of Everything.
As it touches the ground it destroys everything in it radius.
SUPERVISING OBSERVER: "Integrity is stable. Prepare for transport."
That can't be anything good. 

Back at Etta's apartment things are getting packed up. It's time to leave.
There are butterflies on the shelve to the right of Olivia. I think Olivia doesn't really want to leave and Peter looks concerned for her. Argh, you guys are breaking my heart as well. 
The lamp's base behind her looks like an 8 ball. (3.12 Concentrate And Ask Again)
Walter found Etta's perfume and wants to keep it.
WALTER: "It's the one she liked. It reminds me of her. Oh, my memory, it fails me. But my sense of smell helps me remember."

Just before they are heading out, Astrid calls with a bit of a problem.
"Someone" (who's name we don't need to mention, 'cause we all know) has left a propane gas tank on the next tape. And a container with ethanol.
Walter asks Astrid - or Abner - why she left it there in the first place. To which she replied: "Someone wanted to cook bratwurst." And of course Walter wanted to clean his hibachi first.
Second time Walter is giving Olivia a face balm  Don't you think she's got enough on her plate (no pun intended) already? 
I was trying to figure out what Walter was referring to when he called Astrid "Abner". I found a  restaurant. And this wiki.

Etta's phone is ringing as well. Anil needed to get in touch with them. There is something important the team needs to see.
He meets with them where the cargo had arrived. Olivia sees this "The Future In Order" sign.
Watch out Observers. Your order will not be much longer. 
Anil passes on his condolences.
ANIL: "I'm so sorry for your loss. She was special. Not just to me, but to the movement. I hope someday you'll understand how much."
And then Olivia does what she does best. She retreats from the conversation.
Anil explains that this is a shipping lane from the future, bringing parts of machinery to complete the carbon monoxide pollution all over the planet.
"Ask Alice" could be the clue for next week, going by what the title of the episode is (Through The Looking Glass And What Walter Found There). Is it also this song? And one of the Violet Sedan Chair songs (She's doing fine)* contains references to Alice. 
This could also be the same location as in 5.01 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 because of the clock. 
And this is what I said about that graffiti then: "When I saw the clock on there I thought of Alice in Wonderland: "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date." It was on TV last night, maybe that's why."
I swear I had no idea!

PETER: "And our lifespan will be reduced to forty-five years. We know that already. 'Etta told us."
She did
Olivia might just had a short time with Etta but it's killing her inside to be reminded. 
Just don't close yourself off. 
Anil wants to sabotage the next shipment. He's got one of the Observer's books. 
I can't wait until this is posted so I can read Zort70's Observer Talk.
Olivia offers to take it to Astrid to see what she can do with it.  
Anil got the book from an Observer that was captured.
What had happened started right there with something powerful. A cube that the Observer had.
Peter figures that the cube opens the door and he wants to hit them hard. Of course they have no idea how and Anil didn't get much info out of the Observer. Peter has made up his mind to find out how this works. Olivia is worried about Peter.
She asks Walter to interject. To no avail.
Walter wants to take a sample of the carbon and Olivia, needing a moment, offered to get it.

Anil offers some advice as well: "Before you go on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."
It's a quote by Confucius, basically saying, revenge is never good. You hurt your target but you will hurt yourself as well and/or those that care about you. 

PETER: "I'm not worried about being destroyed. It's the Observers who should be worried."
I don't know Peter. You might want to ask your wife and your father about that. 

Anil had brought the cube and Peter is trying to put it together.
All I could think of was this from 3.06 6955 kHz
WALTER: "Fantastic. Now I have bookends."

Apparently Peter is not putting it together in the right order because he gets zapped a few times.
Meanwhile Astrid is trying to decipher the symbols in the book.
This is such a rare occasion for Astrid and Olivia to interact so bear with me. 

ASTRID: "If this really is a shipping manifest, then I'm expecting dates, times. I can't even differentiate which of these symbols are letters or numbers. This decryption program has been running for over an hour."
ASTRID: "I can do this, you know? It is understandable if you are overwhelmed. I mean, you're in shock."
OLIVIA: "I think it's best if I just focus."

Astrid figured out that she was looking at this all wrong since the Observers don't think like us.
ASTRID: "To us, it's a ‘B’. But they don't think like us. To them, maybe this is a ‘B’ and a ‘C’ and an 8 and a 6 and a 56. This program is looking for a one-to-one correlation. Any of these symbols could have many different meanings, so... for every page, two hundred symbols -- it's just too large. There's too many possibilities. We have to run multiple decryption programs simultaneously. I need more computing power. A lot more."
So if you put all those together you get: BC 8656. Earlier we had a container that said BC 327. 
Astrid, I think you're on to something. 

Since he can't deter Peter from his plan, Walter decides to help.

WALTER: "The only thing I know for certain... is that it has the ability to blow us to Kingdom Come. We don't even know if we're putting it together right. If you are still intent on doing this, I believe it is possible to destroy the shipping corridor. But it is extremely dangerous."
I was thinking back to 3.06 6955 kHz again. 
Peter wanted to find out what the machine does and Walter didn't want Peter to work on that at all. 

WALTER: "I thought I made my -- You have no idea what it does. You might as well be building a nuclear bomb in my lab... If you end up breaking the universe, this time, it's on your head." 
And then Walter does what he does well: explaining things with toys, lol. 
WALTER: "Think of everything on top of this sheet as the future, where they are. When the Observers transport a shipment from their future to our present, they drop them down a wormhole that they created. Because the wormhole is stable at both ends, matter and energy in their future is unaffected. Life goes on undisturbed."
I love it when Walter uses visuals to explain things. The colors of his choice are blue, red, green and yellow, just like the "Simon game". (now that I know what that is called)
I was reminded of 1.10 Safe when he was explaining how someone can go through a solid wall. 
WALTER: "However... if we were to collapse our end, sealing it off... everything they put down the wormhole... will just weigh it down. The result is like a vacuum...
 FAUXLIVIA: "Oh, the vacuum cleaner?" (3.06 6955 kHz)
Sorry couldn't help myself, snicker. 

WALTER: "...sucking all matter and energy into itself, consuming it."
And Gene is still in amber.
Right there behind Walter. Don't you guys see her? Can't you just get her out? 

So they need to create a black hole that sucks everything back in. The anti matter batons from Etta's apartment will come in handy. Now they just need to figure out how the cube works so they can intercept the "phone call" as Walter calls it.

OLIVIA: "But we haven't figured out how to turn the cube on."
PETER: "The Observer that Anil captured. He certainly knows how to make it work."
WALTER: "Anil couldn't get the Observer to make heads or tails of it either."
PETER: "Well, Anil has his way of doing things, and I have mine."
I think Olivia knows that Peter is capable of getting info. 
PETER: "I'm not doubting Walter's plan. But what do we have? Pieces we don't know how to put together. A scroll with physics we can't decipher, a thought unifier that doesn't work, and a box of rocks from a mine. That's what our daughter died for so far. If we can do this, we have something tangible - - a real victory. It could take them years to recover."
OLIVIA: "Okay, I wanna hurt them too."
Walter is listening in. He knows exactly what's going on. He's been there as well. 

PETER: "So then what is it? What, Olivia? Are you worried about me?"
OLIVIA: "Yes. Yes, I am. I'm afraid."
PETER: "Nothing's gonna happen to me. I can do this. We can do this. Our daughter dedicated her life to freeing us. And now, we're gonna dedicate ours to making sure that that means something. When we win, when we beat them, I want everyone to know that 'Etta is responsible for the world being saved."
OLIVIA: "I want that too."
PETER: "Then we have to do this. And we can, Olivia. Together."
PETER: "Wish me luck."
I was thinking back to 3.21 The Last Sam Weiss.  
Peter said that just before he went into the machine.

So Peter goes off to get information from the captured Observer.

PETER: "What's the concoction?"
ANIL: "A wee bit of this, a wee bit of that. Cryoprotectants, osmolytes. Small molecules within their blood preventing damage to their vital organs. Compounds that act as natural anti-freeze."

When I saw the bottles, this came to mind. 1.16 Unleashed
PETER: "Anti-freeze?"
ANIL: "Yeah, it keeps them tethered to this location. They're actually not as hearty as you'd think. Their abilities are aided by tech."
PETER: "Yeah, I've heard that."

4.22 Brave New World Part 2
JESSICA HOLT: "They can operate at hyper-attenuated time. To us, it almost looks like magic. It's not, though. It's just tech that essentially lets them move very, very fast."

Peter is starting to interrogate the Observer to find out how the cube works. He's using an eye-scanner.
It picks up changes in your pupils.
I was thinking back to 3.11 Reciprocity where a lie detector test that meassures changes in facial muscles was used to find out who the the murderer of the shapeshifters was.
Well, it's not exactly the same but the same principle. 

Peter is making progress.
CAPTURED OBSERVER: "Your skill is impressive, but it is of no consequence."
PETER: "You have no idea what we're capable of."
Three occasions come to mind. The first one from 1.08 The Equation. Walter got stuck in St. Claire's helping on a case and Peter is trying to get him back out.  
PETER: "Then I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 'Cause you may think you know what he's capable of, but you have no idea what I'm capable of."

The other one being 1.10 Safe
WALTER: "What I said before - didn't come out as I intended."
PETER: "What, the crack about the breasts?"
WALTER: "No, about my disappointment in you. It has more to do with your potential than anything else. You have no idea what you're capable of Peter."

Oh, the third one you mean? I'm saving that for later. 

CAPTURED OBSERVER: "I think of you as I would an ant colony as I pass by it. I don't care about the workings of the colony, why one ant is mad at another or why one ant would kill another or not. To me, it is insignificant. And like an ant colony, you are oblivious to your limitations. You think the black over your head is dark skies... when it is really our shoe."
We'll get back to that in a bit.

Olivia is looking at the bullet.
Even though this is the bullet that was pulled out of Olivia in 4.22 Brave New World Part 2 I'm beginning to wonder if last week's episode title 5.04 The Bullet That Saved The World was in reference to Etta being shot by Windmark and that because of her death the world would be saved. Peter eluded earlier that he wants everyone to know that Etta saved the world. 

Walter found something.
Olivia thought it was another tape with the plan on it.
WALTER: "This tape was never in Amber. I found it in my desk. It's a video of one of ‘Etta's birthdays."
Another stab right in the heart. Poor thing. 
WALTER: "It would be incredibly difficult to watch, but I believe it's important for you and Peter to see it."
OLIVIA: "Walter, I am holding on by a thread. You do understand that?"
I'm pleasantly surprised and glad that Olivia admitted she's having a hard time. I know this is the Olivia from the new time line. But I was thinking back to 3.14 6B.
OLIVIA: "Maybe I am just incapable of being vulnerable."

WALTER: I heard you... when you were talking to Peter. You told him that you were afraid. He assumed that you meant you were afraid for his safety, and of course you are, but I think we both know it's more than that. You're afraid that you will lose each other again."
WALTER: "I'm trying to tell you that I see what you see. And that's why this tape is so important. You must watch it and remember what you both had, what you still are, and you must hold on to that. You must face this pain together."
WALTER: "The pain is her legacy to you both. It's proof that she was here. I have experience with this - - this sort of pain, and you can't escape it by building walls around your heart (referring to Olivia). Or by breaking the universe (referring to himself). Or by vengeance (referring to Peter). You lost each other once... but you have another chance."
OLIVIA: "I can't."
ASTRID: "I'm sorry."
OLIVIA: "It's okay."
3.09 Marionette - a bit modified if I may. 
ASTRID - or rather me, I guess: "It's not ok. You just took a step forward, don't take two back. Listen to Walter, he is right."

Astrid had deciphered the shipping log and with that Olivia is getting out of that situation. They inform Peter that the shipment is coming in this afternoon at Lexington and 86th. Those numbers are part of what Astrid thought earlier - BC 8656. 
Peter was successful and is on his way. As the Observers set up their cube Anil is setting up the other one.
But the Observers know something is wrong and just as Peter wants to fire the anti-matter baton he gets a surprise visitor.
He gets quite a shove.
Olivia wants to help but gets her own surprise.
The Observer teleports himself (for lack of a better word) right in front of her. Now they are both in trouble.
That's not good because the cargo is coming through.
So the Observer wants to finish off Peter - by stepping on him.
What? Do you think Peter is an ant? Did the captured Observer tell you? 
Olivia recovers and shows no mercy.
OLIVIA: "Yeah, it is that type of gun."
That felt good.
Peter just has enough time left to fire the gun to reverse the wormhole. Everything in its vicinity gets sucked back in. And this is what's left.
Totally looked like a creature out of a video game. Coincidence or deliberately? Since there were Halo 4 commercials running during the episode. 

But it didn't really work. Another wormhole opens and cargo is still coming through.
They call Walter to find out what's going on. He says it should have worked and crippled the Observers operation for years.

OLIVIA: "Hey, where are you going?"
PETER: "To get answers!"
Peter had enough. Time to do things his way. 
All Olivia can do is run behind him.
But he is gone.
As Olivia turns she finds flyers with Etta on them posted.
All over.
One of the graffiti on there says "Peter Lake". That's the character's name from "Winter's tale" by Mark Helprin, the book young Olivia was reading in 3.15 Subject 13
There is more. 
Right above the word "Lake" it says: "Must Fail Not". Or at least that's what I think it says. Walter has exclaimed in 3.21 The Last Sam Weiss as Olivia is doubting herself.
OLIVIA: "Walter, what if I can’t do it? What if I can’t turn it off?"
WALTER: "I have known you for a long time, Olivia, and I believe that the drawing was no accident. Whoever did it knew the same as I do. That you don’t fail."
To me that means Peter and Olivia will be successful - together!

So now Peter goes all "Reciprocity" on the Observer.
I was also thinking of 4.15 A Sort Story Of Love
And that's actually not the first time I thought of that episode. Earlier, when Walter wanted to keep Etta's perfume, I had that episode on my mind already. But I didn't want to associate this evil guy with Walter, nor do I want to compare Peter with him either. 

PETER: "Why didn't it work?"
CAPTURED OBSERVER: "You don't even know what you don't know. Before going on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. Your friend was correct. Emotions get in the way of judgment."
PETER: "Emotions did not get the better of me. I read your tells to help me assemble the device."
Oh Peter, are you sure your emotions didn't get in the way? 
CAPTURED OBSERVER: "Your assertion regarding the involuntary response of the body to physical threat was interesting but highly antiquated. It does not apply to us. In truth, there was a fly on the window. As my cerebral cortex registered it, there was a small irregularity in my heartbeat, causing a slight deregulation of my oxygen to my brain which in turn affected my oculomotor nerve. This oculomotor nerve is what caused my pupil to dilate. That's what you picked up on, my observation of a fly."

Ha, Olivia had been distracted by a fly too, in 2.02 Night Of Desirable Objects.
 Although it had less consequences for her than it did for Peter. 

CAPTURED OBSERVER: "But you ascribed meaning to something that was not there. You saw what you wanted to see. You believed what you wanted to believe, because that's what your emotions do. They ascribe meaning to something that is not there. They fool your perception as to what is real."
3.03 The Plateau
OLIVIA: "You're not real."
PETER: "Real is just a matter of perception."
PETER: "No. you're wrong."
CAPTURED OBSERVER: "A dog does not smile, no matter how many times your kind might think it does. You put together the device because of your intuition and your knowledge and your experience as an engineer. You simply needed confidence, so you made sure you saw what you needed in my reactions. You blame us for her death, but it is irrelevant. She was here, now she is simply not here."
PETER: "Did you feel that? She is not simply gone. She will be remembered! Unlike you. If I kill you right now, no one will remember you. No one will miss you."
PETER: "You are nothing but tech."
PETER: "I would be ten times what you are if I had that tech in my head."
 I think the Observer knows he is doomed. Because...
Peter has an idea. Oh!

Back at the lab Olivia is resting. The tape is on the table.
What are you going to do about it? 
Walter is right, you know. Remember this conversation? 

5.01 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
OLIVIA: "No, Peter, we lost our child. And... in the grief, we just... weren't able or were incapable of -- of being what we needed to be for each other. And that was all it was."
Here is your chance to do it differently. 

Back to Peter and his idea. Some more red, green, yellow and blue action going on.
What is he picking up. Uh-oh!
PETER: "You're wrong about emotions not being real. My feelings for her are very real."
PETER; "Can you feel that? the pain of a piece of you being torn out? That's the pain a father feels when he loses a child."
Olivia sort of having been in this "position" before as well, I'm glad she only received a spinal tab in 1.11 Bound (left) and Alt-Broyles rescued her just in time in 3.08 Entrada (right). 
As the Observer dies Peter holds tech in his hand.
"Imagine The Impossibilities"

Back at the lab Olivia is really watching the tape.
That's my girl. 

It's Etta's birthday.
RECORDED HENRIETTA: "Take that out and take that. Kiss Mommy."
RECORDED PETER: "Good, Your Highness? Watch out, I'm coming for your cake! If you're gonna open a present, which one would you like to open first?"
Emotions are running a mock with Olivia. Remember? 
PETER: "I'm a part of you that you have to hold onto. You can't forget who you are Olivia. You can't forget where you're from. You can't forget this." 3.03 The Plateau
PETER: "I've seen what the two of us together looks like. And it's beautiful." 3.14 6B
 Back to Peter.
He is going to implant the tech.

And here is my third thought from earlier. 
4.19 The Consultant
WALTER: "Don't judge him. No one can be certain exactly what they're capable of, how far they'll go to save the ones they love. I know this more than most."
2.17 White Tulip
WALTER: "Grief can drive people to extraordinary lengths."
The device plants itself.

2.17 White Tulip
ALISTAIR PECK: "I must do it."
WALTER: "You'll never be able to live with the consequences. 
I, too, attempted the unimaginable, and I succeeded. I crossed into another universe, and took a son that wasn't mine. And since then, not a day has passed without me feeling the burden of that act."

I don't think Peter thought of the consequences. I also hope he will tell Olivia what he did.

Just then his phone rings. It's Olivia.
PETER: "Hi."
OLIVIA: "Peter. Peter I want you to come home. I don't want to lose you."

2.22 Over There Part 2
OLIVIA: "... in the end... you have to come back. Because you belong with me"

PETER: "It's okay, Olivia."
OLIVIA: "'Etta would want us to be together, you know? She would want us to survive this. I just - - I love you."
PETER: "I love you too."
Aw, my shipper heart is doing cart wheels. Although cautious ones. Peter has no idea what effect this tech will have on him.

Just as we started out with Olivia looking in the mirror we find Peter as well. Who is starring back at him? Will he be able to deal with the consequences? Will it really help their cause or is it going to be a hindrance? Only time will tell. 
And who's "origin story" was it? Etta's or the Observers? Or is it Peter's?

This was one of the best episodes of all times for me. The acting from all was superb and since none or hardly any of the critics will recognize their talents, it's up to the fans to do so.

So, here are mine: "The Best Awards" to (in no particular order):

* with permission from the tumblr owner


R. R. said...

Great Observiews as always, Cortexifan. :)

I noticed that the alley where the RESIST posters are at, there's a park (at least I think it's a park) at the very end. What if it's symbolic? RESIST and defeat the Observers, and you end up at that park, where Etta and Peter and Olivia were at. Like foreshadowing a reboot or something. Just a crazy thought.

Unknown said...

Not crazy very clever

Zepp said...

This is a question that is in the "air": assuming that the Fringe team, plus now Peter Human-Observer, defeat the Baldies, but where is all humanity? In 2036 only has a few focus of human resistance, and everything is in ruins, utterly destroyed, civilization is only in memory! I see no other way than by two possibilities: thru a sort of a reboot for everything (effect "White Tulip"), going to any place in the past, or through, a "back to the present", returning again to the year 2015. I think a "back to the present," would be the most feasible. And preferably for that sunny park, already without Bladies, which no longer exist, or there would be no invasion, it would, from that, another story line.

cortexifan said...

@Rob & @Zepp,
totally agree.

Zort70 said...

I'm on vacation o I'm just catching up with all my Fringe reading, great thoughts on this superb episode.

Thanks for the shoutout and link, but unfortunately I've had no luck in deciphering these new symbols, I haven't got the amout of computing power that Astrid has !

There is so much to look at and relate to at the moment, and I hope we can make sense of it, but that probably won't happen until the final episode has aired.

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