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Fringe Interview: Joshua Jackson is "A Better Man"

      Email Post       11/08/2012 10:43:00 AM      

This Joshua Jackson interview lays out Peter's arc going forward pretty clearly so if you don't want to spoiled I would recommend waiting until after Friday's episode airs.

Fringe editor Ari Margolis recommends that you don't watch:
Going to step on my #Fringe soapbox one more time... As the final few episodes are filmed, stay away from any [spoilers]!!! I know it's tempting but I think you'll enjoy the experience more if you go into it un-spoiled! Just my two cents. And as always... #WatchItLive #Fringe
But if you are weak like me, the truth is but a click away.


Unknown said...

Oh no I looked my Polivia heart sank as Peter goes more Anakin Skywalker :-(

Old Darth said...

Could have been worse. Could have gone Gollum! ;D

Anonymous said...

@ Old Darth >> LOL.

OH man, I miss the good ol' days. :(

Unknown said...

Ha ha either way they end up losing their hair poor Peter

Anonymous said...

I rewatched Inner Child and Walter said that the reason why the boy was hairless is because of a lack of minerals he's never consumed.. If Peter keeps up with his zinc and iron and vitamin C, he should be good. :)

Unknown said...

Great pick up :-) phew Peters hair stays

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