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Fringe Episode 505: "An Origin Story"

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Happy Fringe Friday!
The Fringe team responds to recent devastating events, and a key member makes a pivotal and shocking move.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "An Origin Story"?


Unknown said...

Fantastic episode, powerful performances, my goodness Peter hopefully your move will help with powers to defeat the baldies. Can I put it out there Peter is September??? Just a theory as to why the saving in the lake etc

Unknown said...

Also does Olivia have her powers back? Seems like when she went to follow Peter she stepped forward in time, somehow.

Unknown said...

It was strange and those Etta posters appeared

F1WilliamsJeff said...

Cool to see that Peter is being the NEO of his Matrix :P... Becoming one of them!

I also thought it was Peter turning into September because well its in the name :P...sEPTEmbeR..leaving the smbe to something else but its very very far fetched :P...

Unknown said...

Very cool Pick up F1

Zepp said...

I immensely liked this episode 5.05, "An Origin Story". He was, in my opinion, more grounded on the style of emotional drama than an action drama, where the dialogue scenes, overlap of the drives. In "An Origin Story" the science fiction elements are amalgamated, so remarkable, with dramatic, dense feelings of loss, of grief, of the main characters.

The character Etta, even absent, was more present than ever, in every scene of this dramatic episode and strong, I see. Etta's death in some way, changed the way their parents act, where, now, I see a totally Olivia devastated, shocked and scared, hesitant, but has at his side, a Peter, a much safer themselves indignantly, willful, which now acts as a fearless leader, almost inconsequential, which is fully convinced of the victory over the Badservers. Peter is now, as in those times in which he began to decimate shapeshifters, one by one, hopelessly, ie it is a lethal phase, with a fixed idea in his head, totally dedicated to avenging the death of his daughter Etta. That scene at the end, in which Peter injects behind the base of his brain, a capsule with data from an observer, was extremely strong, unpredictable and shocking, no doubt.

What, Peter, we will in the next episode? It will be a good Peter? Bad? Or, as one Observer-Human? I honestly have no idea. But of one thing I am most assuredly, it turned into something that Badserver will fear enormously.

Unknown said...

As always great review Zepp. I loved this episode and from what I have read majority are excited for the episodes to come and sad this thought provoking show will end. Lots of theories out there now should be an interesting next episode.

SheHateMeBro said...

The key thing I don't see clearly is the Origin of what? Peter as something more? Beginning of a time loop with the future and past? The way that the shipment resumed made me think that time keeps repeating based on prior events. They may have to go back to some other time, perhaps when parts of the machine were buried.. So much to clear up in the remaining episodes.. I can hardly wait. I almost think I'd rather wait until January to watch them all at once on Hulu.

milostanfield said...

@ SheHateMeBro-

Yeah, this really is a 13 hour movie like Wyman said. It will be great to see the whole thing at once. But we all know you won't wait! ;) Like me I'm sure you pick up so much more rewatching an older episode after watching subsequent ones.

It's kinda where we are with your question about origins. When Peter "became something more" in this episode, that may have been a history making moment that only takes on the full weight of its meaning when viewed from the future.

I'm also thinking this episode is about the origins of us as an emotional species that somehow became the Observers in the far future. Peter touched on that during his "poker game" with the captive baldie. That makes me think back to Nina's warning way back in "Pilot" when she spoke about scientific progress outpacing our ability to cope with it, an origin story for how the future came to be.

When Walter first showed Olivia the birthday tape he said "I have experience with this - - this sort of pain, and you can't escape it by building walls around your heart. Or by breaking the universe. Or by vengeance." Olivia built a wall around her heart because of the childhood experiments with Cortexiphan. Walter broke a universe trying to save his son. And now Peter is consumed by vengeance. Three origin stories. Three pieces of history.

OD used the Santayana quote, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it", in his review. So I guess the question 5.05 raises is: can we learn from the stories of our origins?

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