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Fringe Will Return In Three Weeks

      Email Post       11/16/2012 11:25:00 PM      

Fringe will be taking a 3-week break for Thanksgiving and college football, but will return with 3 all-new episodes, starting with "The Human Kind" on FRIDAY, December 7th at 9:00PM .


Zepp said...

Three weeks to think ...

- Rolling back, who would be the most "guilty" for triggering events Fringe, Walter or September?

- It would not be all that happened on Fringe, results of a fight between the faction of September, against the Baldies of the Windmark, and the Humanity (us) in the center of it all?

- The finale of Fringe, will be in the year 2036, or near the year 2015?

And here I am thinking, thinking and thinking ... At least for this reason, serve three weeks without Fringe, is not it?

Unknown said...

Is it okay for Fox to just remove it for 3 weeks. It is a weekly show is it not. Seems very arbitrary to me and as much as I like the show I do not at all like this scheduling and will likely stop watching it.

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