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The Fringe Podcast Episode 511-Feedback For An Origin Story

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In episode 511 of The Fringe Podcast we share some of the listener feedback we receive for the Frige season 5 episode, “An Origin Story.” We hear from some listeners who are unfulfilled by the season, and others who are loving each episode more as the season progresses. We discuss possible outcomes for the series finale and whether or not we’ll figure out what will happen or if the writers will surprise us with something even better. We hear various thoughts on the death of Etta, Peter’s decision to put the Observer tech into his head, and if Peter has now become the first Observer.

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We received a LOT of amazing feedback for this episode, much of it from first time callers or contributors! Thanks to EVERYONE that sent in feedback for this episode. Send in your feedback and theories to 304-837-2278 or

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