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The Fringe Podcast Episode 514-”Five-Twenty-Ten”

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In episode 514 of The Fringe Podcast we review the season 5 Fringe episode entitled, "5-20-10." We discuss Peter's behavior and the physical changes he is experiencing, talk about other Fringe episodes that tie in to this one, and we share our thoughts on the insight we gained about William Bell and the beacons. We also talk about the return of Nina Sharp, Walter's desire to have portions of his brain removed, the relationship between Olivia and Peter, and a whole lot more!

This episode contains TWO BONUSES!! First, we had the privilege of speaking to Debbie Myers, the GM of Science Channel. She shares some of the original content they will be producing to go along with the Fringe as they begin showing Fringe season 1 this week. Secondly, we reveal the contest winners for our Bridge the Backstory contest! Congrats to the winners.

Thanks to everyone that sent in feedback for this episode. Send in your feedback and theories to 304-837-2278 or


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